Treasured Oreo Flavor Is Returning for a Limited Release and Fans Are Already 'Drooling'

Packages of Oreo cookies on grocery store shelves.

Oreo made a lot of fans happy with its latest flavor announcement.

Putting a twist on a fan-favorite fried dessert–and a nearly 5-year-old idea–the company revealed its newest concoction will be the Oreo Churro sandwich cookies.

While a churro-flavored Oreo was featured as one of the brand's mystery flavors back in 2019, this new treat is a little different as more than just the filling is seasoned.

According to an official statement shared with Parade, the new cookies aim to "perfectly capture the mouth-watering dessert in one bite" and feature "a brand-new fried dough cookie with churro flavor creme and delicious sugar inclusions."



Shortly after the brand posted the news to its official TikTok and Instagram pages, foodie influencer Snackolater did the same, and all the comments were double stuffed with love from prospective buyers–with Snackolater even claiming "I'm already drooling."

"YES BEST IDEA EVER ✨," one TikToker exclaimed.

"I need this 😱," another top-liked comment read.

"LORD YOU KNOW I LOVE CHURROS! WHY DO THIS TO ME?? 😩😩😩," one Instagram user joked.

"As someone who’s tried every flavor since 2014, IM PUMPED," a second admitted.

Someone else quipped, "Chureos was right there!"

Oreo Churro will be on shelves nationwide starting Wednesday, March 27. But how long they'll remain stocked is the real question, as fans appear to be extremely excited to try them. A rep for the company hinted that the limited-edition flavor will only be available while supplies last.

Along with these cinnamony, sweet cookies, the brand previously announced it would spring into the season with a series of minty fresh frozen Oreo desserts, including a tub of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and bars!

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