Travis Kelce Shares His Favorite Part About Visiting Taylor Swift in Sydney

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

Travis and Jason Kelce had a lot to talk about on the newest episode of their podcast, New Heights, including the Kansas City Chiefs player's exciting trip to Sydney, Australia.

Detailing the visit, Travis opened up about what his "favorite things" were, focusing on the adorable date to the Sydney Zoo with Taylor Swift that caught the attention of media everywhere.

Talking about seeing kangaroos, lions, capybaras and more up close, Travis appeared to enjoy the red pandas the most, which he described as looking like a "friendly raccoon." He and Swift even got to go into the red pandas' enclosure with a zookeeper, with Travis detailing what he thought was the best part of the experience.

He described how the zookeeper, while showing them the adorable animals, took them through two doors that couldn't be opened at the same time for the animals' safety. "They're like, 'Alright, make sure that door's closed, and when you get out of here, quickly close this one, because they are escape artists.'"

With wide eyes, Travis said, "This thing just got so many brownie points for me dude," seeming to love the red pandas' mischievous attitude. The Kelce brothers also talked about feeding the capybaras and wondering if Jason's dog Winnie could take one in a fight.

Swift appeared to enjoy the Sydney Zoo just as much as Travis, if not more so, as she originally visited the day before, deciding to go again on a date with her beau. Travis then stayed to see his girlfriend perform in concert, cheering her on and rocking friendship bracelets with fans.

After Sydney, Swift moved on to Singapore for six Eras Tour shows, and while Travis was not in attendance at the first few, he reportedly got on his way on Wednesday, March 6, to join her once again.

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