Travis Kelce Is Said to Have Spent a Staggering Amount of Money on Taylor Swift Relationship

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's romance seems to be going strong, but the high-profile relationship might not come without a cost for them. While Swift officially became a billionaire late last year and often travels across the world in private jets along with other expensive activities, it's likely a new thing for Kelce—with his wallet taking a hit.

Based on the couple's activities, Kelce could be spending millions of dollars while dating Swift, whether it's on flights, accommodations, dining, gifts for Swift or something else.

Just the trip to Singapore to visit Swift while on tour could've cost Kelce over $500,000, according to a breakdown from the New York Post. An expert estimated that the trip across the world had this potential price tag, while the football player also flew to visit Swift in Australia and Argentina for previous tour dates.

Richard Levy, a Dallas-based aviation expert and consultant, told the publication that the cost to charter a 10-seat private jet for an international round trip would cost around $300,000, a price estimation that was echoed by another aviation expert they spoke with.

While it's difficult to know the actual price for most of the flights and other things for Kelce, along with the possibility that Swift foots the bill sometime, there are a few well-known major purchases, like Kelce's new home. The Kansas City Chiefs player bought a $6 million home in the upscale suburb of Leawood last October, reportedly for more "privacy" as his fame skyrocketed.

Kelce likely spent a hefty amount of money, estimated to be around $1 million, for the suite at the Super Bowl as well, so that all his friends and family, along with Swift, to watch the game.

He also seems to enjoy giving Swift sweet gifts, with a custom "TNT" diamond tennis bracelet—which Swift was spotted wearing at one of the football playoff games—going for $6,360, as reported by People. Other alleged gifts from Kelce include lavish bags, flowers and more to show his appreciation to his girlfriend.

All of these items and trips add up, making for an impressive price tag. Luckily, Kelce has an impressive paycheck to match, making over $14 million each year playing football, and he can hopefully keep up with the purchases as Kelce and Swift's romance continues.

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