Travis Kelce Has a Bold Take on the Super Bowl Ring Typo

Days after football fans noticed a glaring typo on this year’s Super Bowl championship ring design, Travis Kelce weighed in on the mistake during an episode of New Heights, the podcast he hosts with his brother, Jason Kelce.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end and his teammates were awarded the rings during a June 15 ceremony, which took place about four months after they won Super Bowl LVIII. The win marked the team’s second consecutive Super Bowl victory and the third of Travis’ career.

This year’s 14.8-karat ring featured 529 diamonds and 38 rubies. Part of the design also listed the teams that the Chiefs defeated in their final few games of the 2023 NFL season alongside those teams’ seed numbers. While Chiefs fans marveled at the glitzy design, many noticed that the seed number for the Miami Dolphins was cited incorrectly.

“One major little goof on the ring: Miami is listed as the seventh seed, because it has all the games you guys had to win to get there. Miami was actually the sixth seed,” Jason noted during an episode of New Heights that was released on Wed., June 19. “I guess that’s just the way the ring is? Nobody’s going to—are you gonna get it fixed?”

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While shaking his head, Travis then shared his bold opinion on the typo.

“I don’t give a sh—,” he said, adding that part of him enjoyed the error. “They could’ve done no seeds on the side of them, I would’ve been fine. I think it makes it more unique, like, ‘Oh yeah, and we made it really detailed, and oops we screwed up.’”

The typo makes the ring “more exclusive,” Travis added. “Like, we screwed up about something that means nothing.”

Jason then asked Travis which of his three Super Bowl rings is “aesthetically” his favorite. While Travis gushed over how “massive” the newest ring is, he said the one he and his teammates were awarded for their win in 2023 was “probably” his “favorite” because the design enables him to “wear it in different ways.”

Overall, Travis described the ceremony at which he and his fellow Super Bowl champions received their ring as an “unbelievable night” and “a fun evening.”

“It’s fun to just get the crew back together,” the NFL star reflected. Even so, he said he agreed with a sentiment expressed by Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes about the importance of celebrating past accomplishments while looking ahead to the future.

“We got a lot we want to do, and we’re very focused to keep our eyes on the prize,” Travis said.

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