Travis Fimmel and Luke Bracey on their new Aussie film, James Bond rumours and bushy beards

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Actors Travis Fimmel and Luke Bracey swung by Build Series Sydney. Photo: Build Series Sydney.

Fresh off the film’s Sydney premiere the previous night, Aussie actors Travis Fimmel and Luke Bracey swung by Build Series Sydney to chat about their new home-grown war epic, Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan.

Directed by Kriv Stenders of Red Dog fame, Danger Close tells the heroic and largely forgotten story of a group of young and mostly inexperienced Australian and New Zealand troops who fought for their lives during a bloody four-hour battle on August 18, 1966.

“It’s been a great experience, I feel like it has a great message for Australians of mateship,” Vikings star Travis told host Danny Clayton.

Travis and Luke portray real-life soldiers Major Harry Smith and Sergeant Bob Buick respectively, who, along with just 106 men, faced off against 2,500 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers on a rubber plantation near Long Tan in South Vietnam.

While Danger Close is very much a war film, at its core it’s about a group of young men looking out for their mates - or “ordinary blokes in an extraordinary situation,” as Luke explained.

Despite not knowing one another before filming began, it sounds like the cast bonded quickly during the week-long pre-shoot ‘bootcamp.’

“When you’re dealing with something like this, everyone jumps on board,” Home And Away star Luke said.

So, after such a demanding project - which involved pre-dawn starts and hours lying in mud - are the co-stars pals in real life?

“He means well,” Travis joked about Luke, before adding, “nah, he’s a great bloke.”

Build Series Sydney host Danny Clayton shares a joke with Vikings actor Travis Fimmel. Photo: Build Series Sydney.

At one point during their chat Danny caught Travis - who sported some impressive facial hair in his role on Vikings - absentmindedly stroking his beard.

“I’m sorry!” Travis apologised, before explaining that the mullet hairstyle he’s currently sporting was for an upcoming Ridley Scott project, a sci-fi flick titled Raised By Wolves.

The mullet even has a nickname - “I call it the Echuca waterfall,” Travis revealed, which is a fond reference to his “favourite place,” his home town of Echuca in northern Victoria.

Luke went on to chat about his upcoming films, including Holidate, a “really fun” romantic comedy with Emma Roberts.

“There have beens some rumours about James Bond, too,” Travis interjected, making his co-star blush.

After being pressed by Danny, Luke responded, “Yeah, Travis just made that up!”

“I think you’d make a great James Bond,” Danny added, to which Luke replied, “I do too.”

Luke Bracey as Bond: you heard it here first on Build Series Sydney.

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