Transform Any Steak With The Help Of Indian Spices

Steak and Indian spices
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A great spice mix can do anything from elevating a cheap steak to bringing subtle depth to a nice one, and if you want to try something a little more unique with your cut of beef, you should look to the world of Indian spices. Steak isn't normally an essential ingredient within Indian cooking, as cows are considered sacred to Hindus, but for those of us outside the country, their incredibly flavorful spices are the perfect pairing for a fatty, juicy steak. It doesn't matter if you are tossing a quick, dry-rubbed steak on the grill or marinating overnight for something tender, Indian spices offer such a diverse array of flavor that you'll have the perfect option for any recipe.

A lot of popular Indian spices are probably already familiar to you, like turmeric, coriander, and cumin. But Indian cuisine is full of famous spice mixes like garam and chaat masala that flavor a wide variety of dishes like curries, roasted vegetables, chickpeas, and meat. What makes Indian spices so great for steak is that while these mixtures run a gamut of flavors, they can also bring a great mix of earthiness, heat, and even mild sweetness that balances out the rich flavor of a savory steak without distracting too much from the meat. They also taste great prepared with common steak cooking methods like cast iron searing or grilling, charring up just like they would on tandoori chicken.

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Dry-Rub Or Marinate Your Steak With Indian Spices

Indian spices oraganized in trays
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Even more common mixes like garam masala can vary in the spices used, so it's always good to check the label to get the exact flavor profile you want. Two good places to start would be with chana masala and tandoori masala. The former is a spice blend that's often the base of chana masala chickpea stew, which can be made in an Instant Pot. It usually contains a mix of warm spices, like clove and coriander, along with more spicy additions like chili powder for a mix of heat, pepper, and mild sweetness that will complement a well-marbled steak perfectly. Tandoori masala is like an Indian BBQ spice blend, with a smokiness that is great for the grill.

Don't limit yourself to dry rubs with Indian spices. Mixing them with yogurt is a traditional way of marinating things like chicken, as the yogurt helps tenderize the meat, and this will work just as well with steak, especially for longer overnight marinades. Indian spices also work perfectly with some of steak's favorite side dishes. Toss some of the spices with potatoes to roast them or make crispy smashed potatoes. Grilled asparagus and roasted cauliflower are two classic pairings for both Indian spices and steak. Find the blend that works best for you, and flavor-packed steak dinners can be just minutes away, sides and all.

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