The Traitors: Jaz begs Faithfuls to listen as he reveals theory on Harry

The Traitors fans will have been left raging at the TV on Friday night, as Jaz unearthed a huge theory about the Traitors.

On episode nine, he shared his suspicions of Harry with Zack and Evie.

He explained that Harry must be a Traitor after a conversation Jaz had with now known Traitor Paul

Paul said that Harry had told him that Jaz said if he was murdered, it would be by Paul.

“And I’m thinking to myself, I did say that. I told three people these, Jasmine, Ross and Harry,” Jaz said.

“Jasmine kept the loyalty, Ross kept the loyalty and didn’t tell anyone.”

Jaz then deduced that the only way Paul would know, would be if Harry told him at a Traitors’ meeting.