What Trader Joe's Products Do You Think Deserve Way More Hype?

One of my absolute favorite things about Trader Joe's is just how many delicious dishes and tasty treats they have to offer. While sometimes that means saying goodbye to an item I really liked because it was seasonal or discontinued (RIP Vegan Meatless Meat Lover's Pizza, you will be deeply missed), that also means there's always something new in the rotation that I want to try.

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TJ's has so many products that, honestly, I feel like there are some deeply underrated ones I've been missing out on simply because I a) didn't notice them, or b) didn't have them on my grocery list. So, fellow Trader Joe's frequenters, I have a very important question for you. What's your favorite underrated Trader Joe's item?

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I'll go first. My all-time favorite — and, personally, one I feel like we don't talk about enough — is their frozen chocolate croissants. They need to rise overnight, so all you've gotta do is pop them in your oven overnight (which, honestly, makes me feel like I ~made~ them even though I did nothing at all), then turn the oven on while you get ready in the morning! Boom, you've got a yummy, gooey, warm chocolate croissant for a fraction of the price of one you'd get at a bakery or a coffee shop.

Trader Joe's packaging for 4 Chocolate Croissants, instructs to proof overnight and bake
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Another personal favorite of mine is the garlic spread (aka their take on toum). Soooo good on sandwiches or as a base for a fun lil flatbread. I never hear anyone talk about it, but it's underrated and delicious!

Jar of garlic spread next to garlic bread and fresh garlic cloves, garnished with herbs
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Now it's your turn! In the comments below or via this anonymous form, tell us which Trader Joe's products you love and think are underrated as hell. Feel free to tell us how you love to use them, too, or include photos! Your submission just might end up in a future BuzzFeed Community post!