Trader Joe's Just Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Seasonal Sweet Treat, and Shoppers are Stocking Up Before They're Gone For Good

As a card-carrying member of the exclusively-unexclusive Trader Joe’s fan club (or TJ’s Anonymous, depending on who you ask), it’s always exciting finding out what hot new items and returning favorites are coming to the grocer’s legendary shelves. From the mind-blowingly crave-able Hold the Cone Tips to all those sensational dips, there isn’t much the quirky retailer hasn’t put their signature spin on. And while we’ll gladly welcome new products into the fold with open arms, sometimes, the goodies that capture us the most are the ones that find their way into our tote bags (mini or otherwise) season after season.

Thankfully, Trader Joe's happens to know a thing or two about delectable seasonal fare, and their latest returning sweet is a positively sunny one fans are calling “wayyy too delicious!!” Fellow super-fan @trader_joes_treasure_hunt broke news of the return of the chain’s acclaimed Lemon Flavored Mini Sheet Cakes, and shoppers are making a bee-line to the store to stock up before they’re gone for the season.

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Each deliciously tart sweet features an ultra-moist lemon-flavored cake, topped with mouth-puckering lemon cream cheese icing and a flourish of fragrant lemon zest to drive home the explosion of citrusy flavor. In terms of scale, this adorably mini cake is the perfect size to split with another person, but we’re sure once you get a taste, you’ll probably want one of your very own (if it even makes it out of the parking lot, that is). Even better than the taste is the wildly low cost of just $5.49, although prices may vary by location.

Of course, it didn’t take long for fans to share their hot takes in the comments section, which was overwhelmingly positive. “Adds to list 🗒️✍🏽,” recommended one fan. “I just got one today, and it’s is 🤌🏻,” proudly said another.

Glowing reviews aside, the admin behind the post also reminded shoppers not to “forget your free purse fork at checkout!” The immediate reaction from fans was one of shock and utter amazement, with multiple asking, “Your Trader Joe’s offers utensils to eat a whole sheet cake by yourself in the car instead of having to wait to get home?!”

While we can neither confirm nor deny whether this is a location-specific offering, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for other locales to get on board with. And at the very least, you could toss your own “purse fork” into your insulated tote—ya know, just in case you run into a sheet cake emergency.

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