Trader Joe's Just Brought Back Its Fan-Favorite Summer Condiment and Shoppers Say ‘I’ll Take 10’

As far as flavors go, there aren’t too many more polarizing than the salty, sour taste of pickles. Briny, tangy, pungent, vinegary—you either love them enough to mix them into your Dr. Pepper or unequivocally hate them. And if you’re in the former camp like yours truly, you can eat your way through an entire jar of Famous Dave’s Spicy Dill Pickle Chips in one sitting. Whether you prefer the classic taste of a Vlasic or enjoy a more artisan take on the cuke’s vinegar-soaked version of metamorphosis, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the dill-icious flavor of (almost) everyone’s favorite sandwich accouterment.

Thankfully, if you happen to be pickle-obsessed, the mouth-puckering flavor is all the rage as of late, and everything from spritzers to ketchup is getting the dill-ightful punchy flavor infusion. Best of all, fan-favorite grocer Trader Joe’s is jumping back on the pickle-flavored everything bandwagon and just restocked a highly anticipated condiment fans have been snatching up by the dozens since 2021. You might even be inclined to say, “It’s kind of a big dill.”

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Perfectly timed to coincide with barbecue season, the fun and quirky retail chain just brought back their famous Dill Pickle Mustard, and fans on the TJ’s focused subreddit are saying, “I’ll take 10.” Crafted with pickle fanatics in mind, the ingenious sandwich topper combines arguably the best parts of eating a burger into one easy grab-and-go sauce. Herbaceous diced pickles, natural pickle flavoring and dill weed lend their signature bright flavor to the backyard barbecue staple. Add in the classic tangy flavor of zippy yellow mustard, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a flavor bomb of epic proportions.

Dill Pickle Mustard<p>Trader Joe's</p>
Dill Pickle Mustard

Trader Joe's

Even better than the sauce’s explosion of flavor, though, is the incredibly low price of just $1.99! With a price like that and the excitement of fans lining up to get their pickle fix, we’re sure this is one product that won’t hang around for long. If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a bottle (or three), the resident netizens of Reddit offered a variety of ways to enjoy the sauce and we’re taking notes.

“Def good on turkey and pepper jack sandwiches,” recommended one fan, while another hilariously proclaimed, “Looks like egg salad is back on the menu, boys.” You could even add a squeeze to a hot dog or into your famous deviled eggs. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, if you’re not a pickle fan, but happen to be really into pickleball, you might want to be on the lookout for the Vlasic x Think Royln collab dropping at the Association of Pickleball Players New York City Open on May 21.

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