Trader Joe's Customers 'Will Be Buying 20 Boxes' of This Limited-Time Treat

"I can picture the 'Limit 2 per household' sign already!"

<p>Trader Joes</p>

Trader Joes

There is no denying that one of Trader Joe’s biggest draws is its ever-rotating snack and treat offerings. One week, Banana Pudding-Flavored Ice Cream is in the freezer section and a few weeks later, it’s not. But a year later, it’s back! The same goes for Thanksgiving Stuffing-Seasoned Popcorn or Chocolate Mousse Eggs.

TJ’s shoppers race to the store whenever they find out a returning favorite snack is back (for a limited time only, of course). Those same shoppers are now awaiting the launch of a new treat that Trader Joe’s is launching soon—a frozen version of bubble waffles.

What Are Bubble Waffles?

CNN describes true bubble waffles as a “uniquely Hong Kong snack.” Traditional bubble waffles are crisp, with egg-like bubbles that are fluffy inside. A common street food, they’re sometimes called egg waffles, as their batter typically contains egg and milk. Right away, it’s clear that Trader Joe’s version won’t be traditional, not just because they’re frozen and not made fresh on the street, but also because the box indicates they’re vegan.

Instagram’s Big Box Vegan posted a photo of the box with as much information as he had about the rumored treat.

Trader Joe’s Vegan Bubble Waffles

"All I know so far is that they will be $4.49 and say 'vegan' right on the front of the box!" he said in the caption. He also noted that he didn't have a list of ingredients yet.

"Omg this specialty from Hong Kong is virtually never vegan bc it's made with eggs and the name literally means 'little eggs.' I'm so impressed," one excited commenter said.

"I can picture the 'Limit 2 per household' sign already!" responded another, indicating they think these will be a hit. "I'll be buying 20 boxes," said another.

"I hope these come for summer! Using these as a cone with vegan ice cream sounds good," one person suggested. While that sounds good, it's not an original idea. Bubble waffles are often rolled up and placed into paper cones with ice cream inside.

Bubble waffles can also be served like traditional waffles with syrup, treated like crepes with sweet or savory ingredients rolled inside, or, if they're good enough, simply heated and eaten as-is.

We won't know if they're good enough to eat without a topping or filling until Trader Joe's sells them, but when they do, we're definitely buying a box to try them.

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