The New Trader Joe’s Product That Has Customers ‘Asking for a Spoon at the Register’

“Ate the entire thing in the car. It was glorious.”

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Trader Joe’s is known for offering some solid products to its fans. We recently loaded up our carts with its new Vegetable Steamed Soup Dumplings, which we don’t know how we ever lived without, and that Sparkling Guava Juice, which is so refreshing we keep running out for more.

The popular grocer is at it again with one of its latest limited-time items, which fans devour before they even get home.

According to the Instagram user @traderjoeslist, Trader Joe’s has a new Burrata Filling “Stracciatella,” which is a must. Natasha Fischer, the woman behind @traderjoeslist, recently posted a video about the latest find showcasing its label, which reads, “shreds of fresh mozzarella cheese soaked in cream,” and only costs $4.49.

In the video, Fischer explains that “Basically, it’s supposed to be the inside of Burrata.” She also bets “Cottage cheese is just crying right now.”

Many were quick to comment on how they use this find, with one describing a delicious-sounding salad: “Chop tomatoes, [combine with] the jar peaches from TJs, that entire container of [Stracciatella] cheese, prosciutto, basil, salt, and balsamic glaze.” Someone else adds, “I put it on pizza as soon as it finished baking, and it was AMAZING.”

Other commenters offer their ideas as well: “I put this on toasted Trader Joe’s sourdough with roasted tomatoes [and] balsamic glaze” and “I made a Caprese salad with this. So delicious.”

However, you don’t have to eat it with anything, as one user explains: “I bought this, asked for a spoon at the register, and ate the entire thing in my car. It was glorious.”

With so many ways to enjoy this new spreadable cheese, it’s no wonder many are also saying it can be hard to find in stores—“Our store has been out of it already for a few weeks.”

If you want to try this Burrata Filling “Stracciatella,” it’s best to hurry to your nearest location to pick it up...If you’re lucky enough to find it.

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