Trader Joe’s Fans Are Stocking Up on This Favorite Item After Discontinuation Rumors

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Trader Joe’s is constantly impressing us with new products. While some are only available for a limited time, others have graced its shelves for years and become household staples. The mix of new and tried-and-true products keeps us coming back for more. Unfortunately, our favorite items can disappear suddenly leaving us wanting a quality replacement.

Some products are easily swapped, but others aren’t as easy to replace. We have seen Trader Joe’s discontinue its Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites and recently our favorite chips have left shelves permanently. Now, fans of the neighborhood grocer are in a frenzy because it seems one of their favorite sandwich staples may be gone for good.

Trader Joe’s San Francisco-Style Sourdough Could Be Leaving Stores

Sourdough bread is unique because it’s not something anyone can make at a moment’s notice. It relies on a starter, which takes time to develop in size and flavor. Even when you have a starter, it requires ongoing maintenance to stay active. For those who don’t wish to make their own, a high-quality store-bought sourdough comes in handy for stacked sandwiches and loaded-up breakfast toast.

Fans have come to love the balanced taste of Trader Joe’s San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread but now many are having trouble locating the product in stores, raising concerns that it has been discontinued. This bread is not to be confused with the Trader Joe’s Sliced Sourdough Bread, which seems to be widely available. There has been no confirmation from Trader Joe’s on whether the product is leaving or not. However, some customers say the loaves disappeared months ago while others are still lucky to find them.

In a recent Reddit thread, one commenter in the Northern Virginia area was told in several area stores that the San Francisco-style sourdough bread is discontinued. In a similar Reddit thread, another user claims that might not be true for all stores. “I work at a TJs, we have heard nothing about this being discontinued. I can't imagine it would be, with the way it sells at the stores I’ve worked at. Especially the one I am at now, it's near impossible to keep the shelves stocked.”

For other fans, the change isn’t new. “It got discontinued at my TJs in the Midwest years ago and it was devastating. On the flip side: now I buy much better sourdough at a local bakery,” added one Redditor.

While it isn't clear if the loaves are being discontinued everywhere, or just in select stores, your favorite loaf could be disappearing soon, so be sure to stock up and talk to your local Trader Joe's store because they may have more details specific to your location. 

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