Trader Joe’s Fans Flock to Buy $3.99 Mini Cooler Bags Before They Resell for 10 Times the Price

Some Trader Joe's locations are implementing crowd-control tactics to avoid the same mayhem that the mini canvas tote bags caused in March

<p>Trader Joe

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Mini Cooler Bags

Mobs of Trader Joe’s customers want to get their hands on the latest accessory — again!

The grocery retailer’s newest limited-time item, a mini insulated tote bag, has created a stir at stores nationwide.

The colorful cooler bags are “perfectly sized for everyday use,” according to the product page, and can carry a six-pack of drinks or fit your lunch. According to Trader Joe's, they expected the item to be a hit because it is a blend of two previously popular products.

"Back when we introduced our vibrantly colored, limited-release Insulated Bags, it created quite a stir. Then, when we brought in our delightfully diminutive (and similarly limited) Mini Canvas Totes, it was nothing short of a sensation. So, now that we’re introducing Trader Joe’s Teal and Magenta Mini Insulated Totes, consider yourself fairly warned: these Totes are totally destined to become the next craze!" reads the description.

The website was correct and the excitement online and in stores over the cooler bags, which hit shelves on June 4, is reminiscent of the buzz around Trader Joe’s miniature tote bags in March. But, unlike the mayhem caused by the tote bags in the spring, Trader Joe’s employees are trying out some new tactics to slow down the bag-loving crowds.

According to TikTok videos, there are purchase limits and employee intervention — and in some cases snacks!

In one TikTok, a long line of customers wraps around the parking lot of the grocery store and an employee hands out two tote bags to each person entering the store.

“When trader joe’s employees hand bags out instead of everyone running for them like animals >” wrote user @amflz. “Two mini insulated bags per person was perfect because why be greedy?”

Another user, @lalexb, showed the long line plus the fruit bar and water that was given to customers waiting.

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Despite the store's best efforts, some customers are still reselling the bags beyond retail price. Users on eBay are asking for $30 to $50 per bag, and some are going for $155 for a pair.

A Trader Joe’s representative shared a statement about the costly resale prices. “Our customers, in our stores, are our focus; we do not endorse the re-sale of any of our products, anywhere,” the representative told PEOPLE.

The spokesperson added that they are “expecting more of these same colors to be available in stores later this summer.”

<p>Trader Joe's</p> Trader Joe's Mini Canva Tote Bag

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Mini Canva Tote Bag

Back in March, small canvas grocery bags had Trader Joe’s fans rushing to stores to snag one — or several.

The totes sold for only $2.99 in Trader Joe's stores but many locations quickly sold out of the product. Resale listings on eBay used outrageous prices — one listed a set of all four colors for a whopping $999.99.

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At the time, a Trader Joe’s representative shared a similar statement about the demand.

“Our Mini Canvas Tote Bags certainly sold more quickly than we anticipated. Before we had the opportunity to promote them in any way, customers across the country found them at their neighborhood Trader Joe’s,” said the spokesperson, who reiterated that they do not “endorse” the resale of products.

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