Trader Joe’s New Drink Tastes Just Like the Candy My Grandma Always Gave Us

It's perfect for summer.

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Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandmother's apartment in New York City's Lower East Side. We'd stop by on Sunday afternoons after running errands in nearby Chinatown. I remember watching old Studio Ghibli movies on VHS and snacking on treats that I now fondly connect with my childhood: chocolate-covered Pocky sticks, sweet and tangy haw flakes wrapped up in rolls like quarters, and Danish butter cookies in the iconic blue Royal Dansk tins.

The real highlight of the day came when the candy box appeared. This only happened occasionally—unless it was Lunar New Year, when it was guaranteed to make an appearance—which made the candies feel even sweeter. It was filled with a varied selection of Chinese, Japanese, American, and European candies and two in particular always caught my attention, the shiny foil-wrapped Werther's Originals and neon green guava candies.

Guava has since become one of my favorite flavors and I'm constantly seeking it out. So I was thrilled when Trader Joe's released its Sparkling Guava Juice Beverage. As soon as I spotted it on social media, I made my way to my local store and beelined it for the drinks section, where I luckily snagged a box. I popped one into the fridge as soon as I got home and enjoyed it chilled a few hours later. It was so good and refreshing that I immediately made another Trader Joe's run for more.

Trader Joe Sparkling Guava Juice Beverage

I'm not the only fan of this seasonal beverage. There are multiple threads on Reddit dedicated to the drink, with some calling it Trader Joe's best sparkling juice yet and others stocking up while they can.

"[In my opinion] this is their best flavor out of all the sparkling juice beverages," declared one Reddit user. "Sooo good, I only bought one to try, next time I will get a case for sure!" said another. One even admitted that "we polished off a few of these tonight."

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Trader Joe's

The best part—and one my grandmother would definitely approve of—is that it's not too sweet. The drink gets its flavor and sweetness from guava juice with no additional sugars. It's perfect on a hot summer day at a cookout or by the pool.

Ways to Enjoy Trader Joe's Sparkling Guava Juice Beverage

The sparkling guava juice is super refreshing on its own, but Redditors have gotten creative with different ways to enjoy and use the drink. Here's what other fans recommend:

  • Mix it with vodka, tequila, or your liquor of choice.

  • As part of a dark rum and pineapple cocktail ("Don’t forget the little umbrella," recommends one Reddit user).

  • Enjoy in a white wine spritzer.

  • Pour over a Yakult yogurt over ice.

  • Top with a few dashes of bitters

No matter how I enjoy it, Trader Joe's Sparkling Guava Juice Beverage offers a little taste of my childhood in a can.

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