Yep, You Can Track the Easter Bunny—Here's Where It Is Right Now

Easter bunny

You know by now that you can track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, but did you know there's an Easter Bunny tracker too? In fact, there are several.

Similar to how Santa has to make his way around the world via sleigh and reindeer all in one night, the Easter Bunny has to make its own rounds on the evening of Holy Saturday in time to surprise kids with goodies on Easter morning.

If you and your little ones are eager to find out when they can expect the Easter Bunny to touch down at your place, here's how—just make sure they know that if they aren't asleep, the Bunny may just hop on to the neighbors' houses until they are!

How do you track the Easter Bunny in 2024?

If you want to track the Easter Bunny in 2024, there's a website for that—more than one, actually!

  • lets you monitor the hopping hare's movements starting at 5 a.m. EST the day before Easter. It kicks off on Saturday, March 30, 2024, at 5 a.m. EST.

  • is a backup site for in case too many bunny-watchers overload the original site!

  • provides a countdown to when the Easter Bunny will begin its trek, at which point it provides updates all along the way. You can also follow the Easter Bunny's progress on X (formerly Twitter).

  • offers its own Easter Bunny tracker as well.

Is there such a thing as an Easter Bunny Tracker?

In as much as there is such thing as the Easter Bunny, there are several Easter Bunny trackers. If you believe, they're there for you! (Of course, the suspension of disbelief and embracing of imagination is a gift in itself. Half the fun of the Easter Bunny tracker is watching kids react to the magical journey!)

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Is there an Easter Bunny app?

There are several apps you can use to track the Easter Bunny before its arrival on Easter Sunday morning.

What time will the Easter Bunny be here?

Depending on where you live, obviously, the Easter Bunny's arrival time will vary. That said, the Easter Bunny will typically, according to Easter Bunny trackers, arrive at your place around 10 p.m. local time—so make sure the little ones are tucked in bed before then!

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How does the Easter Bunny tracker work?

Seeing as the Easter Bunny tracker is monitoring the whereabouts of a fictional, magical critter, the logistics of it matter little. That said, says that their particular systems are quite sophisticated and incorporate very high-tech radar systems, similar to those used to follow jolly old St. Nick and his reindeer every December.

The Easter Bunny tracker not only follows the Easter Bunny's stops, but it also tallies how many carrots the Easter Bunny gets all night—so be sure to leave some out in case the cute critter needs a snack!

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