Top 7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends, According to Viral Cabinetry Brand Semihandmade

A few of these trends might surprise you, while others are timeless classics.

<p>Courtesy of Semihandmade; Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel</p>

Courtesy of Semihandmade; Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Great news for DIYers (or really anyone looking to refresh their kitchen!): Semihandmade, the brand that went viral on social media for giving IKEA cabinets a custom look without the cost through door front swaps, is debuting their own line of high-quality cabinet boxes and specialty hardware.

The launch will feature over 40 door styles, custom sizing for a built-in look, and appliance-ready options. The best part of all this? Everything is direct-to-consumer, flat-packed for easy shipping and delivery, and it all arrives in 8 to 10 weeks. Plus, if you’re struggling with all the design choices, Semihandmade offers services to help guide you through the process. It’s a one-stop shop experience.

So, considering there are over 40,000 projects including Semihandmade, it’s safe to say that the brand has a proverbial finger on the pulse of what’s in—and what’s out—in the world of kitchen renovations. We asked John McDonald, the founder of Semihandmade, for any insights and trends he’s noticed that’ll hopefully inspire you on your next cabinet journey.

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Green and Off-White Cabinets

According to McDonald, the brand has seen a lot of interest in earthy greens and off-whites. Gone are the days of stark white cabinets! He cites Semihandmade's Moss and Stone shades as specific examples. “We think the appeal there is bringing in color to the kitchen while staying close enough to neutral that it doesn’t feel overpowering over time,” he says. 

All-Wood Cabinets

Yep, wood finishes are absolutely more in demand right now, McDonald confirms. In fact, customers have been asking for it so often, the brand plans to release even more new wood finishes later in the Spring, specifically a new walnut silhouette in partnership with Sarah Sherman Samuel and white oak options with Leanne Ford

Textured Cabinet Handles

For cabinet pulls and handles that have a little something extra without going overboard, consider textured options. McDonald says, “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in people looking for textured details in their hardware, like the new Trask Drawer Pull that we carry from Rejuvenation.”

Open Shelves

Surprisingly, open shelves aren’t totally out yet. While they’re great for displaying beautiful dinnerware and tabletop accessories, they tend to get dusty very quickly. But according to McDonald, “Our customers are still making use of open shelving to add visual interest to their kitchen alongside their cabinets. Our Oak Floating Shelf remains a popular choice. We think people like the warmth it brings to a space, and it’s an incredibly versatile style.”

White Quartz Countertops

The countertop you choose to pair with your cabinetry is very important in the overall design scheme of your kitchen! McDonald says, “Because we’re seeing so much color in cabinetry right now, there’s a high demand for beautiful, livable white countertop options to pair with them. And life is messy, right? So people are looking for durability and low-maintenance options that will continue to look good over time. For that, we have a lot of interest in styles like our Caesarstone White Attica and Empira White, both of which have a very classic look.”

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White Shaker Doors

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly depending on who you ask), the timeless white shaker door still reigns supreme. Semihandmade confirmed theirs is the site’s bestseller. McDonald explains, “It’s hard to beat something so classic. After that, people love our paintable options in Shaker, Slab, and Quarterline for the opportunity to customize their kitchen color, and our Walnut Slab remains a customer favorite.” (The one case where oak isn’t dominating!)

Coffee Pantries and Stations

People are getting much more creative with how they use their cabinetry nowadays, from morphing their storage into appliance garages to tricking cabinets out into fancy beverage stations. Coffee stations especially are taking off, according to McDonald. “A lot of our customers are designing a small, countertop coffee pantry into their space to keep those appliances and accessories all-in-one-place, but out-of-sight. One of our favorite designers in Chicago, Tracy Cimba of Bespoke Redesign, gets asked for them from almost every client these days,” he says.

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