Tony Gonzalez Asks New-Found Cousin Whoopi Goldberg to Be in Her Will — but She Wants Super Bowl Tickets

The host of 'The View' learned that the former NFL player is her "DNA cousin" earlier this month, and met him for the first time on Monday

<p>ABC</p> Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Gonzalez


Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Gonzalez

Whoopi Goldberg finally came face-to-face with her newfound relative Tony Gonzalez, and they didn't waste time asking one another for favors!

Earlier this month, Finding Your Roots’ Henry Louis Gates dropped the news to Goldberg that she and the former NFL star are “distant cousins," with the two sharing DNA on Gonzalez’s mom’s father’s side. And on Monday's episode of The View, Goldberg, 68, and Gonzalez, 47, met for the first time!

"Cousin Whoopi! Cousin Whoopi," Gonzalez called her, while Goldberg told the audience, "That’s my blood right there."

The co-hosts were quick to joke about the connection, Sara Haines quipping, "Now I want to go find my roots..." and Ana Navarro teasing, “I think this is probably the only cousin that could pop up that’s not going to wanna be in the will!"

But Gonzalez wasn't above it. "I’ll be in the will. I’ll take that!" he said, asking Goldberg, "Can I borrow $5?"

"Hey, listen, for you, anything," the EGOT winner replied.

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But the requests didn't stop there. Later in the segment, Goldberg spoke to the former Kansas City Chiefs tight end about the upcoming Super Bowl to see if he might help her score a ticket.

"Julia Roberts was here, maybe a couple of weeks ago, and we were talking about the Super Bowl 'cause she wants to go. She says she's never been," Goldberg recalled, before hinting to Gonzalez, "And I said, 'Well, maybe I could help you get in...' "

"I just want to say, it's all great for Taylor Swift, but Julia Roberts is pretty hot too!" Goldberg continued. "And I wondered, 'cause it's in Vegas and I figure you might be going, you might be hanging, if you decide that you need a couple of people to go with you, maybe Julia and I would go with you."

Gonzalez was game. "I got you cousin. I got you cousin," he said. "You come with me as your guest, bring Julia too. The more the merrier."

Getty Images / Jamie Squire Tony Gonzalez during his time with the Chiefs
Getty Images / Jamie Squire Tony Gonzalez during his time with the Chiefs

Elsewhere during his trip to The View, Gonzalez — who was promoting his role on Amazon Prime Video's The UnderDoggs — opened up about his reaction to learning Goldberg was his cousin.

“Oh my God. It was incredible," Gonzalez remembered. "He does it at the end, like, ‘Every time on the show, we have somebody who’s related to other people. Would you like to see who it is? Turn the page.’ And I turn the page, and I saw it was you, I was like, 'What the hell? Whoopi Goldberg? I love Whoopi, that’s so cool!' "

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He explained that he and Goldberg were connected through George Betts, a slave on his grandfather's side who became one of only 5% of slaves who bought property after slavery was abolished.

"This guy was tough," said Gonzalez. "And it’s just amazing. He was elected a major for a militia to protect Black people, because a lot of White people weren’t happy that slavery was ended... This is just a strong man. This is who you’re related to, who I’m related to. A strong, stubborn person."

<p>ABC;Getty</p> Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Gonzalez


Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Gonzalez

Gonzalez also told Goldberg that she wasn't the only cousin he learned he had.

The sports commentator recalled Gates telling him during their episode of Finding Your Roots that he was a direct relative to prolific playwright William Shakespeare.

"At the end of it, [Gates] said, 'Turn the page, you’re related to somebody who’s one of the most famous people ever in the world.' I was like, 'Who the hell can this be?' So I turn the page and it wasn’t a photo, it was a painting. And I’m like, 'Who is this guy, I don’t recognize him'. And he’s like, That’s William Shakespeare,' " said Gonzalez. "And he goes, 'Not only are you not a distant cousin, you’re a direct relative.' "

"That was pretty crazy," he said. "The whole thing is crazy."

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