How Is Tom Selleck's Health?

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is in for a busy 2024. In addition to wrapping production on the 14th and final season of Blue Bloods, on which he's played New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan since the start of the show, he's releasing his memoir, You Never Know, which hits shelves May 7.

Personal writing is something of a detour for the famously private star, who spends his free time with his wife, Jillie, on the pair's 63-acre ranch in Ventura County, Calif. In fact, Selleck was admittedly hesitant to even write a memoir. "I don’t have the hooks that a lot of people do,” he told PEOPLE for a recent cover story. “I didn’t rehabilitate myself or have this tragic life. I had my own share of certainly ups and downs, but I’ve been very fortunate.”

One topic fans might be curious to hear more about: Tom Selleck's health, which in recent years has been the subject of tabloid reports. Here's what we know (and don't) about the star's condition.

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How is Tom Selleck's health?

Truthfully, it depends on who you ask. Concerns about Selleck's health were the subject of an unsubstantiated July 2023 report by RadarOnline. In the report, anonymous sources told the publication that Selleck was in "a lot of pain and agony" from arthritis. Sources also told RadarOnline that the pain was "so severe" that Selleck was using a stunt double for Blue Bloods scenes, including those in which he's seen simply getting out of the car. Reps for Selleck denied the report, saying the former Magnum P.I. star was "fit and vigorous."

The National Enquirer had previously reported in 2017 that Selleck had opted for a body double because of arthritis.

While Selleck mentioned in a 2020 interview with Parade that the commute from his California home to New York, where Blue Bloods is filmed, wore on him, he also said he wasn't tired of the show, which will end with Season 14 this year.

"I love the show,” Selleck told Parade of the CBS smash. “Magnum I never tired of, but I got tired from it, though. I was in every shot. But this show, the only thing I’m tired of is the commute [to New York City]. I live in Los Angeles, that’s where my family is; my wife, my daughter. I will continue to commute.”

What is Tom Selleck's health condition?

Selleck has never confirmed having a health condition personally or through his reps. In fact, his representatives have denied reports of arthritis. In recent years, reports, including one in RadarOnline that used anonymous sources, spurred speculation that Selleck has been experiencing severe pain from arthritis.

Does Tom Selleck have arthritis?

While there have been reports that Selleck has arthritis, the star's reps have denied these claims. In a 2023 article from RadarOnline, an anonymous source said, "He's been to doctors and has learned techniques to alleviate the pain, but it's a disease that isn't going to go away," the source said. "He's learning to adjust to it as best as he can."

Selleck didn't go on the record to respond to the report, but his spokespeople refuted the anonymous sources.

What is arthritis?

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, arthritis is a term for "joint inflammation," or swelling and tenderness in one or more joints. There are several types of arthritis, and some can affect other body parts, like the eyes and heart. Proper diagnosis by a healthcare provider is key to ensuring the best treatment outcomes.

What are the main symptoms of arthritis?

Frequent symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, redness, heat and swelling, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Since arthritis is a broad term for joint inflammation and there are many types of arthritis, it's best to see a medical professional if you believe you have it. They can make a diagnosis and recommend treatment.

Is Tom Selleck in pain?

Selleck has said little about his health throughout the years. However, in a 2014 piece for GQ, Selleck told the mag, "My back's kind of messed up. When you do stunts in movies—I do a lot of them—you're taking a risk, but you're also sitting around a lot...You just see the price of stunts. They weren't that hard, but I think it's the stop-and-go of all that stuff."

As for a 2023 report from RadarOnline that Selleck was in such great pain that he is now using a double for scenes on Blue Bloods? Selleck hasn't commented on them, and his reps denied claims that he was in pain.

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What has Tom Selleck said about his health?

Very little. Selleck mentioned in a 2014 GQ interview that stunts took a toll on his back. In the same interview, he discussed being able to handle the physical labor required to maintain his California ranch. "I don't like to go to the gym. I have a 63-acre ranch, and I do not all, but a lot of, the grunt work." This work included planting trees and cleaning up brush.

Selleck has yet to directly address reports that he has arthritis that causes him severe pain, but his reps dismissed the claims made by anonymous sources to RadarOnline in 2023.

Is Tom Selleck's health condition affecting his work on Blue Bloods?

We can't say for sure. Selleck has starred as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods for all 14 seasons. It's been reported, most recently by RadarOnline, that Selleck has used a body double, which reps for Selleck denied. CBS hasn't commented on the claims.

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