Exclusive: GoT star's wicked ending theory

Rebekah Scanlan

Warning: This story definitely contains spoilers.

We watched him go up in a flame of glory when Queen Daenerys set her dragon on him and his dad, Randyll, for refusing to bend the knee.

But Dickon Tarly, who goes by the name Tom Hopper in RL, still has an epic theory about how Game of Thrones will finally come to an end.

Dickon, we mean Tom, revealed how he thinks GoTs will end. Source: HBO

Talking exclusively to Be, the British actor said: "I think Jamie is probably going to end up killing Cersei."

Err mah gawd.

Will Jamie end up killing his evil twin sister/lover? Source: HBO

But wait. The hottest man in Westeros wasn't done dropping theory bombs.

"I like the Sam fan theory," the 32-year-old said. "It's that Samwell Tarly is narrating the whole thing, like it's his story."

Sam has been in training to become a maester and loves to read books. Could he have written one too? Source: HBO

Game of Thrones finished its penultimate season a few weeks ago and has reportedly just about to begin production on season 8.

Since then the world has been going nuts over how they think the drama will finally come to a close.

In real life, Tom is just as hot as he is on a battlefield. Source: Getty

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The moment Khaleesi's dragon killed Dickon. Source: HBO

Since appearing in season 7 for just a few episodes, the Merlin actor said he's experienced first-hand the crazy effect appearing in such a huge show has on the major stars.

"During filming I was hanging out with Nikolaj (Jamie Lannister) a lot and we went to the gym togther and stuff," Tom said. "It was quite tricky, I realised they can't really go anywhere without creating this beetle fever. It was definitely eye-opening."

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