Sylvia Jeffreys awkward jacket mix up

Rebekah Scanlan

Today Show host Sylvia Jeffreys has just suffered an awkward moment live on air.

The Australian journalist was doing a live cross with Brisbane reporter, Jess Millward, when they discovered they were both wearing 'the same' pink jacket.

Sylvia Jeffreys was presenting the Today Show when a slip-up occurred. Source: Getty

When Jess finishes her weather update, Sylvia decided to comment on the wardrobe mix-up.

“Safe to say Jess, neither of us will need our jackets over the weekend,” she said.

As both reporters flashed on the screen, they realised they had the same jacket on. Source: Nine

Making reference to the infamous clothing debacle with Amber Sherlock, that was dubbed 'jacket gate,' she said: "I hope no one leaks what you said to me in the break!"

Back in January, Nine presenter Amber Sherlock had a major fashion dilemma when fellow reporter Julie Snook appeared on her TV segment wearing the same colour.

The pair made reference to 'jacket gate' from earlier in the year. Source: Nine

A video was leaked of the squabble that happened before going to air and Twitter blew up accordingly.

Both Sylvia and Jess have already posted online about the incident, with Sylvia saying: "Great minds think alike."

Jess was quick to respond, suggesting the light pink, scoop neck jacket was their Thursday 'uniform.'

Sylvia appeared to joke about the incident after. Source: Instagram

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'They're exactly the same' Source: Nine

Sylvia’s co-host Karl Stefanovic couldn't resist getting in on the action, saying: “They're not the same jackets are they?”

But his desk partner was quick to correct him, saying: “They're exactly the same."

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