’Today’s Hoda Kotb and Sheinelle Jones Debate PDA and Using a ‘Baby Voice’ in Relationships

Hoda Kotb and Sheinelle Jones

Hoda Kotb and Sheinelle Jones took on an interesting topic on the Today Show on Jan. 15, debating both public displays of affection and "baby talk" while in a relationship.

The conversation started when Kotb brought up a "dating dilemma" from someone whose partner started using a baby voice when they were alone after dating for a while, and they didn't know if they could handle it.

Jones immediately shook her head no, before imitating a baby voice that caused Kotb to scrunch up her face as she started laughing. She incredulously asked, "Why?"

After Kotb wondered if Jones had ever used a baby voice in her own relationship with husband Uche Ojeh, she adamantly denied it before admitting that she doesn't even like PDA.

“We’re trying to be better at that," said Jones, confirming that she doesn't kiss or hold hands with her husband in public and it drives her family "crazy." In fact, she revealed they don't even use pet names.

On the other hand, Kotb seems to be a big fan of PDA. She explained that she thinks Jones' aversion to public affection might be based on whether or not her parents were publicly lovey-dovey.

"My parents, if photographs tell the story — they’re all over (each other) hugging, and my mom’s on my dad," said Kotb, backing up her theory. She added that she has done the same in the past, admitting, "Sometimes you’re just lost in the moment. You can’t believe that it’s happening. [You’re] at a furniture store, on a street corner...”

Kotb shocked Jones with her story, even saying of the man in question, "You know him too," although she didn't share any more details.

As for Jones, she said her only moment of PDA was during a short breakup with Ojeh in college, recalling, "I was like, ‘I don’t need him,’ and we’re at some random place in Chicago.”

While Jones has been married to Ojeh since 2007, Kotb is allegedly single after her split from longtime partner and fiancé Joel Schiffman in January 2022.

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