’Today’s Dylan Dreyer Brags About Shower Habits That Make Her a ‘Very Efficient Mom’

Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer, a meteorologist and co-anchor on Today, revealed that she often showers at night with her three young kids to save time and be "efficient."

The mother of three sons—Calvin, 7, Oliver, 4, and Rusty, 2—opened up about raising her kids and her thoughts on nudity around them, telling at a recent event, "It's funny because I'm also a very efficient mom so when I have to shower at night, if I can get all three in the shower with me so I can get everybody bathed at once, we're good to go!"

In regards to Dreyer's nudity, she said that Oliver and Rusty, "have no idea what's going on so they don't care. They'll run around naked all day long, I think they're just so proud of their bodies and their parts."

But she added, "It's getting a little weird now that my oldest is seven," explaining that now, "He doesn't do the shower thing anymore, he'll be in the bath while I take a shower. But you know, I put the towel on pretty quickly, I don't linger."

For Dreyer, it seems like efficiency is a high priority as she raises her young kids. The 42-year-old admitted that she has to "compartmentalize" everything going on at work and home as she is "so beyond overwhelmed."

Dreyer's comments come after movie actor Bradley Cooper shared on the Armchair Expert podcast that he used to shower with his father as a kid, and his young daughter Lea doesn't have many boundaries when it comes to their bathroom now.

"We talk where I'm on the toilet, she's in the bathtub; that's sort of the go-to," he noted of life with his soon-to-be 7-year-old daughter.

Along with her new comments about raising her children, Dreyer is often open about her life. She recently brought fans along as the whole crew hit the ski slopes, with Dreyer and husband Brian Fichera doing their best to teach their boys.

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