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Tinashe talks mental health in the music industry: 'It's important to put yourself first'

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Tinashe opened up about the effect the music industry has had on her mental health.

On the latest episode of Facebook Live's series Face to Face with Becky G, the 28-year-old singer talked about how artists' mental health gets downplayed by people who believe they "signed up for" the pressures of fame. 

"I feel like that's easy to say, but I do think that waters down the fact that people work really hard to be and maintain and stay in that spot, you know? I don't think to minimize anyone's experience or their mental health or anything like that because 'You signed up for it,' is ever really a totally valid excuse," she explained.

Tinashe explained that the scrutiny she faced as an artist in a major label system made her doubt her career path.

"When you're working with a company and there's so many people that you have to please, you start to make these little tiny compromises here and there," she said. "And before you know it, it's too much and you've lost this sense of really who you are and what you want to do. I felt that in order to get that back, I needed to just do it on my own."

Tinashe said making herself a priority was "the hardest lesson" she had to learn. 

"I think I’m always somebody who's always kind of willing to put other people first sometimes and I think it’s important to put yourself first," she explained.

The "2 On" singer has been taking time for herself, which means spending time with family. She also values having alone time to "vibe out and light candles, and water my plants, and play with my cat, play video games, stressing that "it's finding time just balancing those things that make you feel like yourself."

The singer, who recently wrapped her 333 tour, shared her advice for other young women who are looking to break into a cutthroat industry. 

"I would say, it's going to be a long ride so buckle up and be patient," Tinashe said. "But enjoy the entire journey because a lot of time, we get caught up in all the baby steps and achieving our goals, but really, it's about what are you going to tell the world? Who are you gonna inspire? What’s gonna be your impact?"

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