It's Time To Stop Sleeping On Canned Baby Corn For Breakfast

Eggs, toast and baby corn
Eggs, toast and baby corn - Johnstocker Production/Shutterstock

When people first move out on their own they often make a surprising discovery — anything can be breakfast food. That epiphany usually comes while eating ice cream or cold pizza over the sink, but once you've blurred the lines between "breakfast" and "not breakfast" the world is your oyster. In this case, the world is your canned baby corn, because if you haven't already discovered that it's perfect for breakfast, you're in for a real treat. Baby corn's slightly sweet, mild flavor is just right for early in the day when your stomach might not want intense flavors (cold pizza notwithstanding).

If you can't function properly before your coffee don't worry, you don't have to do anything special to prepare the baby corn. Simply drain and rinse a can of baby corn and add a few to the plate to start the day with color and crunch, and to get a jump-start on your veggies for the day. Add baby corn to a breakfast-style grazing plate for one alongside strips of bacon, cherry tomatoes, and a cube or two of cheese. Jazz up your usual avocado toast with baby corn, or add some to a breakfast salad with leafy lettuce and a poached egg. Canned baby corn works surprisingly well in omelets and egg scrambles; try one with spinach, baby corn, and goat cheese. If you have guests for breakfast or brunch, impress them with a batch of baby corn fritters.

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Use Canned Baby Corn In International Breakfast Dishes

Thai omelet with baby corn
Thai omelet with baby corn - bonchan/Shutterstock

Canned baby corn is already a typical breakfast ingredient for plenty of people. It's found most notably in Thai omelets, one of the egg dishes in Thailand you must try at least once. Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, Thai omelets are a popular street food in Bangkok, where stuffed versions include savory ingredients like pork, hot peppers, and baby corn. Breakfast grain dishes like Chinese congee are sometimes topped with corn, and if you've jumped on the savory oatmeal bandwagon (which evolved from similar dishes in Asia and the Middle East), try adding some canned baby corn to your next bowl. If savory oatmeal isn't for you, try substituting buttery grits or rice.

Baby corn is an ideal topper for Mexican and Tex-Mex breakfast dishes. Add whole or cut pieces of canned baby corn to a crispy breakfast tostada, piled with scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa, and avocado. You could also make breakfast tostadas in elote (street corn) style, topping tortillas and eggs with canned baby corn, cotija cheese, cilantro, and lime. On the go? Wrap all the ingredients into a burrito instead of a tostada and take it with you. There are a ton of ways to use canned baby corn, for breakfast and beyond. If the days of cold pizza breakfasts still call to you, don't forget: You can always just eat it straight out of the can.

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