Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Daughters Share Photos From 'First Sister Trip Ever'

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's three daughters are enjoying spending some sibling bonding time together.

The young women, Gracie, 26, Maggie, 24, and Audrey, 21, jetted off for a trip together, apparently the "first" one they've had a chance to do.

Following the getaway, Gracie took to Instagram to share a few snapshots from the trio's travels. "First sister trip ever!! Love them so much it hurts. Cannot wait for the next one!!!! My little sisters are everything and more. I’m so lucky to be their older sis #cdmx," she lovingly captioned the March 3 upload.

The images found the siblings sitting around the table at a restaurant, as well as doing other normal, everyday activities such as sleeping, exploring the city they were visiting, and having a drink at what looked to be a bar. There was even a sweet black-and-white capture of the three of them together, shot from behind, as they can be seen arms wrapped around each other's shoulders as they walked through the street.

The comment section was overflowing with reactions to the beautiful display of sisterly love.

"This must make your parents’ hearts happy! The last picture needs a frame! Sisters are the best!" one gushed, while another, seemingly with insider information about the group, excitedly added, "Ahh, y’all made it happen!! So happy to see this!"

"You should do this at least once a year," someone else suggested, before further sharing their own positive experience: "You will never regret it! My 2 sisters and I take a sister trip every year, and we take turns picking where we are going. It’s such a precious gift to each other and we laugh until our sides hurt. Creating memories to last a lifetime!!🙏🏼🥰."

Though it may have been the ladies' first adult trip together, they often do other activities as a group—namely, following in their parents' footsteps by showing off their vocals.

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