TikTok's Genius Sandwich Hack Eliminates The Need For Road Trip Pit Stops

Sandwich on white board
Sandwich on white board - Marie Sonmez Photography/Shutterstock

One of the best things about road-tripping can be the pit stops to get food. The anticipation of getting something nice to eat after sitting in the car for too long can be an exciting prospect.

As fun as it is, any seasoned road tripper knows how important it is to coordinate the pit stop plan in advance lest they end up getting far off schedule. Pit stops can take longer than you think, and one way to combat that is to eliminate the need to buy food (at least to some extent). Besides, you might not always get an opportunity to eat healthy, so might as well pack your own snacks, like a sandwich. Thanks to TikTok, we now know a way to pack sandwiches conveniently without the risk of it getting squished.

In a video, TikTok creator @kennyfromthablockkkk shared how she packs sandwiches for a beach day. Believe it or not, a breadkeeper is the hero that can maintain your sandwiches' structural integrity. She also showed how the bread bag can be pulled from the sides to push the sandwich up. As a commenter pointed out, it works like a dispenser for sandwiches. The best part is that you can pack multiple sandwiches in there.

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Keeping Things Nice And Fresh

bread keeper
bread keeper

The breadkeeper from Mainstays retails for around $6 at Walmart. It can store a standard-sized bread loaf. After TikToker @kennyfromthablockkkk shared the video of the simple, handy hack, netizens bombarded the comments section with varying opinions. "That's actually pretty legit, I can see how it would also mitigate the introduction of bacteria/mold by putting your dirty hands in the bag," one user wrote. "This also keeps the bread fresh for a long time," another user commented.

The hack works well if you use ingredients that don't spoil easily, but when it comes to meats and other toppings like onions, it's best to carry them separately, preferably in a cooler to avoid spoilage. If you do want to add a few ingredients beforehand so it's easy to assemble, you can wrap the sandwich with a paper towel to soak up excess moisture before storing. Ironically, slathering on spreads and condiments on the bread also helps keep the bread intact.

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