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TikTokers use ‘The Walking Dead’ meme to compliment ‘magnificent’ favorite places

The Walking Dead finally ended last year, but people still can’t get away from the famous show — with one of its scenes making the rounds as a viral meme.

TikTokers are using one of the early scenes from “Service” (Season 7, Episode 4) in which Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) yells, “Hot Diggity Dog! This place is magnificent.” That line is now a trending CapCut template with over 29,000 uses.

The drama series The Walking Dead followed its core characters in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. There weren’t many moments of humor, but Negan’s delivery — along with the zoom-out of the camera — makes this clip perfect for a meme.

People are using it to help describe their favorite places that can only be expressed as “magnificent.”

“Me, coming back to home after a 10 hours day of work,” wrote @non_mais_comme_meme in a post.

These memes are also perfect for nostalgic purposes, with people remembering what places made them happy as a child.

“POV: 7 yr old me when I finally convinced my mom to take me to the park,” said @amir.ajr in a post.

“i understand why shed be mad now,” said @dreamingofbutterflies.

On top of showing how happy they were as children, people are applying this meme to animals, too.

“My cat everytime I leave the closet door open,” said @nyra4.0.

The cat owners in the comments fully related to this post, with several sharing stories about their pets.

“My cat will randomly crawl out of it at like 6pm and i had no idea she was even in my room,” @ashleyannessee.

There are countless examples of this meme across several subjects. Given the show’s recent departure, The Walking Dead fans will be glad to see this trend on everyone’s For You Page.

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