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TikTokers secretly share their crushes in ‘How do I get to school’ trend: ‘He is the only thing that keeps me going’

Students are secretly letting the Internet know who their crush is by drawing the potential partner’s initial on the screen.

The trend has a simple setup as users simply put an emoji of a house and a school at two different ends of the screen, with the words, “How I get to school.” Then, they draw the path they take to get to school, which ends up being the first name initial of their crush.

This format was popularized by TikToker @youluvgeyli, who posted their video in April. Nearly 20 million people viewed the TikTok, and decided to tell their followers about the person they have eyes for.

“How I get to school,” wrote @youluvgeyli in her post while drawing the letter “E” as the path.

For this trend, TikTokers are using a sped-up version of Steve Lacy’s “Infrunami,” which was posted by Vixen (@__v1xen) in 2022. The sound has over 122,000 posts attached to it, as users continuously call out their crushes.

“Why I go to school,” wrote @kaii.chii_ in their post.

Vixen has carried this trend, creating videos for nearly every letter for lovestruck TikTokers.

“He is the only thing that keeps me going,” replied @darwizzy_isthegoat.

This trend is an extension of the popular relationship tactic, soft launching. There are different ways to soft launch, which involves users to let others know they have someone special in their life without revealing their identity. Nothing is too different in this trend. TikTokers are showing they have interest in a certain person, but won’t explicitly say it — creating a mystery for others to try and solve.

With just an initial to go by, TikTokers are subtly exposing themselves. However, that secrecy is appealing enough for thousands of people to power this trend forward.

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