TikTokers react to Foot Locker’s post insinuating workers aren’t allowed to sit down on the job: ‘Definitely not a joke for the company to make’

The popular shoe store Foot Locker has recently come under fire after reposting a TikTok from its official account that claimed employees aren’t allowed to sit down while on the clock.

Foot Locker took down the post quickly after it went live due to backlash, but TikToker Rachel “Raych” Jackson (@raychjackson), who also works in social media, screen recorded the video and showed it to her followers. She said the video was up for around three hours before it was taken down.

The video shows Foot Locker employees finding different ways to get off of their feet, due to their policy that workers can’t sit on the job. The original post came from employee Tanya Reyes (@tanya.reyess) back in January. The video received over 2 million views, with several other Foot Locker employees agreeing in the comments.

“As a footlocker employee, I can confirm,” replied @kaylicioustingz.

Employees of other stores have posted similar videos, but users are commenting on the fact that this kind of joke came from Foot Locker itself.

“Pov: u can’t sit at work,” wrote @weluvcheatin in their post.

Jackson provided her own comments on the Foot Locker situation.

“The lack of self-awareness is astounding,” she said. “Posting yourself on your own account that you don’t allow your employees to sit is crazy.”

According to Jackson, there was even a pregnant Foot Locker employee in the comments of the video who said she wasn’t allowed to sit.

In the Know by Yahoo reached out to Foot Locker for comment, but didn’t receive a response.

Under Jackson’s video, viewers added to the sentiment that the post lacked basic self-awareness and gave their own retail experiences.

“Definitely not a joke for the company to make,” replied @danisha.carter.

“I worked at journeys for over a year as an assistant manager and my district manager wanted me to write up my teenage employees for sitting,” replied @ghoulbli.

Even with the video removed, Foot Locker still has to answer questions about their policy with TikTokers continuing to chime in on the conversation.

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