TikToker shares 'one of the creepiest things' at Disneyland: 'Absolutely not'

A Disney fan exposed how “creepy” one of the park’s most classic rides can be — especially under certain conditions.

The Mouselets is a TikTok account run by Disney superfan siblings. They share Disneyland tips and behind-the-scenes information about the beloved theme parks.

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Several of the account’s most popular videos revolve around showing what certain rides look like in unusual settings. In this case, The Mouselets filmed what It’s a Small World looks like after the park closes.

“One of the creepiest things about Disney,” they wrote in the TikTok.

It’s a Small World is a water-based boat ride that features animatronic children singing in front of backdrops depicting iconic locations all over the world. Walt Disney personally oversaw the creation of the ride for the 1964 World’s Fair. The ride subsequently moved to Disneyland in California.

The ride is one of the oldest features at Disneyland and often a great option for young kids — that is — when you go during the day.

As The Mouselets revealed, when Disneyland shuts down for the night, the ride’s staff turns off the lights and music but not the animatronics.

This leaves the unsettling scene of robot children waving in the dark and dancing in silence.

“The dolls are moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” the TikTok explained.

One commenter pointed out that this is because the animatronics are hydraulic.

“Some have fluid inside pumping the mechanisms,” they said. “If they are turned off, the fluid can seize up, and it won’t work.”

According to a brochure about the attraction from the 1960s, the animatronics operated with “hydraulic valves inside the performing figures.” But a 2021 article about Disneyland Paris stated that the park was closing It’s a Small World for a year to update the systems and replace some of the dolls. So it’s not clear whether the California park’s It’s a Small World ride is still on a hydraulic system.

If that wasn’t visually creepy enough, one commenter wrote: “Our VIP tour guide also told us they have to cut their hair because all the humidity makes the yarn expand.”

“Absolutely not, bruh,” someone replied. “Get me the hell away from that.”

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