Man shares 'crazy' tip to help remember your dreams each night: 'The most effective way'

Luke Entrup is a yogi, wellness coach and runs the TikTok lukeentrup. Entrup shares helpful living tips like how to establish a 30-minute morning routine, how to make an immune-boosting wellness shot and how to improve spinal health. So if you're looking for simple self-care hacks, he's your digital guru.

In July, Entrup shared some helpful steps on how to remember your dreams — which he believes can provide insight into yourself.

“If you can remember your dreams, you’re going to have access to all sorts of new information around your unconscious mind, your psyche, clues about how to live a more fulfilled life, creative ideas will come to you and for some of us we feel much more connected to the spiritual world,” he said in the video.

First, Entrup says to tell yourself out loud, before bed, that you’re going to remember your dreams every night. The next thing you’ll need is a dream journal. He suggests keeping it right by your bed with a pen and to jot down what you remember as soon as you wake up. Finally, Entrup deems this the “craziest” but “most effective way” to remember your dreams.

The guru says to drink a ton of water before bed. Apparently the sensation will pull you out of your dreams, allowing you to recall and jot them down when you have to go to the bathroom.

Naturally, TikTok users shared their own experiences with dreams.

“I only remember my dreams when I wake up in the midst of my REM cycle,” one user wrote.

“My dreams are reoccurring, every one of them. It’s pretty cool,” another said.

“Sometimes I can only think about the memory of the dream. When I try to verbalize them, they disappear,” someone commented.

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