TikToker convinced she finds 'glitch in the matrix' when unpacking after her move: 'Your timelines merged'

A recent mover thinks she might have stumbled into a “glitch in the matrix.”

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TikToker @ruthielovescoffee claimed to run into a bizarre packing issue after she moved into a new home. No, it wasn’t that items went missing. It was that they began to duplicate. At least, that was how she saw it when she couldn’t get to the bottom of how her items started multiplying.

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She explained that in a merchandise gift bag, she received a free Steven Universe mug. The mug was red with a yellow star on the outside and yellow on the inside. When she was unpacking, she discovered she had a second identical mug.

The trouble was, she didn’t remember purchasing it, and it wasn’t something that was sold at retail stores. But that wasn’t the only thing. A small ceramic turtle dish she got at an antique mall also seemed to duplicate.

She found an identical turtle dish with all of the same wear and tear as the original one. It even included sticker residue in the same place as a price sticker she removed.

The TikToker never figured out how she ended up with the second set of items but people had their theories.

“Glitch in the Matrix. Did you pack any money in a box!?” a TikToker replied.

“My old roommate and I moved several times. Each time, as we were unpacking, we would find a golf ball. Neither of us play golf,” a user wrote.

“The simulated universe isn’t good at tracking multiple objects in a tight space. Either it disappears or it duplicates,” a person suggested.

“Your timelines merged. You in another dimension is missing both items!” someone said.

“Put money in the magic box,” another added.

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