Woman catches Tinder date 'cheating' thanks to gym selfie: 'So smart'

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A TikTok user has revealed how she found out her Tinder date was cheating on his girlfriend in a video that has since received over 91,600 views.

The woman, whose name is Hannah, took to the app to share a story of how she figured out he was cheating when he sent her a gym selfie.

TikTok user hannah.o5
A TikTok user has shared how she caught a Tinder date 'cheating' after he sent her a selfie from the gym. Photo: TikTok/hannah.o5

"PSA: if you're cheating on Tinder and using a burner, don't send a mirror selfie," she wrote, showing texts where she pointed out that their text messages were green not the standard iMessage blue.

He responded acknowledging he doesn't have an iPhone, joking that he'd "join the blue gang soon".

Then, a few days later, he sent Hannah a mirror selfie at the gym and while he was hoping she'd notice his physique, she instead noticed the fact he was taking the photo on an iPhone.

She then subtly quizzed him to see if he'd lie about his second phone, asking, "What iPhone do you have? I need a new one."

Man takes mirror selfie
Her date made the mistake of sending her a mirror selfie with his phone visible. Photo: TikTok/hannah.o5
TikToker cheating texts
Some users wrote that they thought Hannah was "so smart" while one joked that she's just taught more people how to cheat. Photo: TikTok/hannah.o5

"I have a 12 I think," he responded, with the messages still not coming through as iMessage.

One TikTok user commented, suggesting he was using another app to message from so that he wouldn't get caught by his partner, writing, "Using a texting app probably."

"So many married guys do this," another wrote. "The guy I caught paid me not to tell his wife I took the money and still told his wife lol."

"I dated a guy from hinge who I thought had an android," a third said. "When we met and I realized he had an iPhone during our first date, I left and blocked him."

Another user laughed and added, "It’s not even audacity .. how have they survived this long?"

"Every day people get on this app and teach others how to cheat better," one man joked.

Another added that Hannah was "so smart" while others begged to know if she'd found his partner and told her.

However, some added that they use an app for safety rather than giving out their real number.

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