Tiffany Haddish Still Has Apartment Kevin Hart Helped Her Get When She Lived in Car Pre-Fame

"It needed so much work," Tiffany Haddish said of the state she first found her apartment in while she was struggling with homelessness

<p>Dominic Lorrimer/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty</p> Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart on June 5, 2019

Dominic Lorrimer/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty

Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart on June 5, 2019

Tiffany Haddish is recalling Kevin Hart's act of kindness when she was living out of her car.

When Haddish, 44, appeared on a recent episode of SiriusXM’s This Life of Mine with James Corden, host James Corden asked the actress and comedian whether it was true that Hart, also 44, once helped her early in her career when she was struggling to find a place to live. Haddish, who has openly spoken about experiencing homelessness in her past, recalled that Hart stepped in to help her out when he realized she was living out of her car while they performed in sketch comedy shows at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

"I would show up late. I didn't want nobody to see my car. I would park a little further away or I would pull up and let the valet take the car, but I would pull up late so nobody would see it," she said, adding that one day Hart asked her about why she had so many belongings in her car.

"He's like, 'You homeless or something?' I'm like, 'Ah, I'm just in between houses right now,' " she recalled saying. " 'Let's talk about that.' 'Nah, nah, I don't want to talk about it.' 'No, we gonna talk about it after the show,' and I try to avoid, avoid," she said.

Haddish recalled that the Ride Along star expressed significant concern when she revealed to him that she was homeless and immediately gave her $300 to find somewhere to stay. Though $300 would not cover a month's rent, the Girls Trip star said she used the money to rent a hotel room to shower and rest for a day — and that Hart soon connected her with a realtor who helped her find an apartment.

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<p>Don Arnold/WireImage</p> Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish on June 6, 2019

Don Arnold/WireImage

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish on June 6, 2019

"It looked like a crack den. It needed so much work. The walls was yellow. It smelled bad," she said of the apartment when she first saw it. "The carpet was filthy. It was disgusting and I looked around and I was like, 'Wow.' I saw roaches. It was bad."

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"I was like, 'It's perfect. I'll take it. How much is it? How much is it? It's perfect,' and he was like, 'It's $500 a month,' " she added. "I still have that place. I still have it. I had to fix it up myself and I still got it."

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Mike Coppola/Getty for Fanatics Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish on Feb. 11, 2023
Mike Coppola/Getty for Fanatics Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish on Feb. 11, 2023

Haddish has spoken of Hart's generosity in the past, including in a 2018 interview with Vanity Fair while she promoted a film they made together, Night School.

When he sees me, he says he’s so proud of me and stuff. And he’s always giving me the best advice. And I try to listen to him. Sometimes I don’t. And then I’ll be like, ‘Dang, I should’ve listened,' " she said of Hart at that time, adding that he has refused to take back the $300 he once gave her.

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