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This jab reduces sweating by over 50% to keep your clothes dry

Happy customers say this treatment 'works perfectly'.

There's nothing more annoying than when you've spent ages choosing the perfect outfit, for damp patches under your armpits to ruin the look of it.

For many of us it's simply uncomfortable, but for some people sweating can be debilitating. One in 100 of us experience excessive sweating, which can make social and work occasions embarrassing to navigate.

Female patient lying with her arm raised on a couch before injection from nurse
Anti-wrinkle injections at Cosmetic Injectables Australia can reduce underarm sweating by over 50%. Photo: Getty

Also known as hyperhidrosis, this condition means that you sweat a lot for no apparent reason, even when it's not hot or you're not exercising. Hyperhidrosis doesn't just affect underarms either; hands and soles of the feet can also get sweaty, making it hard to shake hands with someone, or find comfortable shoes.

While many of us have anti-wrinkle injections in our face to smooth and plump our skin, now people are using this same procedure to reduce their sweating. Anti-wrinkle hyperhidrosis treatments at Cosmetic Injectables Australia are designed to target the problem area, and can be used on the underarms, palms of hands and soles of feet. The non-surgical procedure is done by a cosmetic nurse, and consists of tiny injections. There's no downtime required after the procedure.


Customers are loving the results. "I've tried so many things over the past 20 years, but this works perfectly," wrote one sweat-free customer in an online review. "I'm not ruining my suits anymore!"

Cosmetic Injectables Australia's nurses
The non-surgical procedure is carried out by one of Cosmetic Injectables Australia's nurses. Photo: Supplied

The injections work by interrupting the signal that triggers sweat glands. This temporarily reduces the sweat gland activity, stopping you from sweating. The results are extremely effective; studies show the injections can reduce armpit sweat by more than 50% for around six months, and sweaty palms by roughly around 25% to 50%. Results can take around two weeks to take full effect.

After six to nine months, you can have another round of injections for maintenance.

For people who've struggled with the condition for years, the injections can be life changing. "The best treatment ever," said one happy customer.

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