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This Gillette facial hair remover is 'quick, easy and painless,' fans say — and it's down to $22

Tired of plucking or waxing? This sleek shaver could be your new best friend: 'Perfect for those hard-to-reach and delicate areas.'

There's nothing wrong with a little peach fuzz! But if you want to remove a few pesky facial hairs — or a patch of them — you have options. You can pluck them (ow), wax them (double ow) or shave them. If you choose Door No. 3, consider this Gillette facial hair remover that Amazon shoppers say is "quick, easy and painless." Right now, it's on sale for just $22.

This little gizmo features a rotary cutting system that's designed to be gentler for the face than traditional razors. 

$22 at Amazon

Professional waxing can get pricey, and you have to let your hair grow for the wax to work. With the Gillette Venus Mini Facial Hair Remover, you can remove hair as you see it in less than 10 seconds, and it costs less than a single salon wax. For $22, you can bid farewell to stubborn facial hair whenever you want — and if you ask us, that's priceless.

This battery-powered tool makes it easy to get rid of facial hair, whether it's around your brows, lips, chin or cheeks. Simply turn it on and gently glide it over the affected area. It uses a rotary cutting system to trim as close to the skin as possible without tugging or nicking. It also has a smart light to help you spot the finest, lightest hairs. Plus, it's compact — about the size of a mascara tube — so you can keep it in your makeup bag.

The tool comes with a battery, so you can try it right out of the box. It also comes with a brush to clean it in between uses. You don't want to use a dirty tool on your fresh face, right?

An important tip: Use this hair remover on clean, dry skin only. Then, apply serum and moisturizer afterward to hydrate the area. Shaving, even with a small device like this, can strip away moisture, so it's important to help skin rehydrate and avoid irritation.

woman using mini Gillette Venus facial trimmer on her upper lip
This trimmer is gentle enough to use every day, and small enough to go with you when you travel. (Amazon)

Amazon shoppers say this trimmer is easy to use and gentle on skin — even sensitive skin — and leaves them feeling super-smooth.

"This is absolutely perfect for those hard-to-reach and delicate areas," said one impressed shopper. "And I'm specifically talking about the upper lip. I’ll probably buy another one of these to have in the car for those little emergencies. Not all of us can wax, and traditional razors were becoming more difficult to use safely due to skin changes and such."

"Use it daily to smooth my mature chin," wrote another happy customer. "Quiet, close shave with no pull or pain. It's so portable and sleek-looking. This model is everything I was looking to find. Leaves the skin smooth without any nicks."

Shared another fan: "I've used other brands in the past and this one is by far the best."

Shoppers say that because this tool is so gentle, you may have to run it over an area several times to make it completely hair-free.

"I liked that it's a dry shaver," said one shopper. "I didn't like having to shave over the same area multiple times before that area was smooth."

"It's not powerful and you have to go back and forth a lot to remove the hair," wrote a four-star reviewer.

"Perfect gadget for my pesky, post-menopausal chin hairs," raves one shopper. "If I am feeling lazy, I can also wipe out my bit of a unibrow."

$22 at Amazon

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