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This cult-fave hot hairbrush 'cuts prep time in half'— and it's on sale for $40

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, it probably takes some serious effort to get it straight — not to mention now having to deal with the frizz-fueling humidity of summer. You usually have to blow your hair out and follow up with a flat iron to truly tame those locks, but that's why straightening tools are so popular — you simply brush your hair to get smooth, silky strands. Of course, brushes that do it all don't come cheap. That's why it's so exciting that Amazon has knocked down the price of the No. 1 bestselling Tymo Hair Straightener Brush to just $40, down from $60.

This hybrid tool combines a straightening brush with a flat iron to smooth out your hair in one pass. It has five heat settings and an auto-shutoff feature to prevent burning.

$40 at Amazon

Getting blowouts and having regular hair styling appointments can rack up quite a bill — scooping up this $40 straightener is much, much cheaper. At over 30% off, the Tymo Hair Straightener Brush is sure to save you plenty of time and money in the long run.

The Tymo Hair Straightener Brush combines a flat iron with 3D heated "teeth" — simply move it through your hair to get the results you're after. The teeth really get in there and straighten away.

Flip through five different heat functions until you find the setting that's right for your hair; a heatproof glove keeps your fingers safe as you work. You even get clips and a carrying case with this set.

Choose from three colors: black, gold and pink. However, you'll snag the best savings with classic black or gold.

straightening comb, clips, glove
Enjoy all this goodness for only $40. (Amazon)

This tool has an army of devoted fans, with a whopping 41,000-plus five-star ratings.

"For years I’ve had to chemically straighten my hair," said one rave review. "Now I have a layered cut and I can’t seem to manage to straighten my hair on my own without the roots looking wavy and the ends looking frayed. Wow! Now I can actually straighten my hair with ease from root to ends and get the look I love with Tymo. My hair is also softer and shinier. I still have to practice a bit more but this is a very satisfied customer here."

Another fan couldn't stop gushing about how well it works. "This straightener has cut my prep time in half," they said. "I have long grey wavy hair that takes way too much time to straighten. Been using flat irons all my life so this was a bit different. Once I got the hang of it, I breezed through the hair straightening. My hair feels silky, soft and most of all, controllable. Win-win!"

"So much time saved!" raved a shopper. "I love this thing. Completely. Straightening my hair took MINUTES. Like, instant results as soon as the comb goes through. I am majorly in love, 100% impressed. This is a game changer; it's about to make my life so much easier. I'll never pay someone to straighten my hair again."

A few reviewers did note that the tool really supplies the heat. "This thing gets hot, use the included glove," advised one helpful user.

Others also noted that it's best to be cautious when using the brush, since the heat involved can cause hair damage if you aren't careful. "It works great to smooth out frizzy hair, but you do have to use carefully to avoid hair breakage," said one reviewer. Another writer added, "I cannot stress this enough — make sure you detangle your hair before using this. If not, you will create breakage."

This combination flat iron and comb features heated teeth and five temperature settings. 

$40 at Amazon

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