This vintage car-boat is the vehicle of our dreams

Eliza Velk

We’re all fans of a classic car, but a vintage car that also drives on water!? Now we’re talking wonders.

This is the 1966 Amphicar 770, the newest addition at the Gosford Classic Car Museum and it’s set to make a splash – literally.

That’s right, not only is it a car, but also a boat, with the seamless transition as simple as changing gears.

This 1966 Amphicar 770 can transition from land to water with a simple change of gear that starts the propellers on the back. Source: Getty
The 1966 Amphicar 770 is the newest addition to the Gosford Classic Car Museum. Source: Be

Shaped as a boat underneath, the car operates with propellers at the back while the front wheels act as rotors to change direction in the water.

Amphicars were the first commercial vehicle to drive on both land and water, with this particular model being able to reach a speed of 7mph on water and 70mph on land, giving it’s name Amphicar 770.

We were lucky enough to take this gem out for a spin in Sydney Harbour and we have to admit, while the feeling of driving straight into the water is not easy to get used to, it’s certainly a ride like no other.

Cruising along the waves with hands gliding through the water and spectators looking on in amaze, we were living the dream.

Not even the threatening clouds could rain on our parade.

Not even the gloomy weather could ruin the fun of taking this vintage amphicar out for a spin. Source: Be
We took the 1966 Amphicar 770 for a spin around Sydney Harbour and it was a drive like no other. Source: Be

While originally valued at $3500 in the 1960’s, amphibious cars are now worth over $120,000 and have been owned by the likes of US President Lyndon B. Johnson and country music legend Alan Jackson.

You can set your sights on this 1966 Amphicar 770 along with other iconic automobiles in the Museum’s collection of over 400 classic cars that collectively value $70 million.

Jason Fischer is the Operations Manager at the Gosford Classic Car Museum showing off the latest addition to the collection. Source: Getty

Honestly, is this not the most luxe way to see Sydney Harbour?

Ferries are so 2017.

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