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These rechargeable bulbs light up any space — no outlet necessary — and they're on sale for $7 a pop

Shoppers are using them during power outages, too.

Whether you have a huge living space or something cozy and quaint, there's one annoying universal truth — the outlets are never quite where you need them. So when you finally get that floor lamp you've had your eyes on for months, you're likely forced to stick it in a spot that — let's face it — just doesn't fit your HGTV dream aesthetic. To solve this issue, folks have been investing in wireless, rechargeable light bulbs, and right now, one of the most popular brands on Amazon is offering a deal for as low as $14!

Shoppers love these rechargeable light bulbs since they allow them to place light fixtures and lamps anywhere they choose. Also, they come in handy in case of a blackout.

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$14 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Let's put this into perspective. Traditional LED light bulbs usually go for $11 for a pack of four. While that won't break the bank and they have a long life span, it can add up over time. A two-pack of the shopper-favorite Neporal light bulbs costs just $14 right now ($7 a pop), and since they're rechargeable, you won't have to repurchase or fill your closet with backups. There are on-page coupon for three versions (two-pack daylight, four-pack daylight and four-pack warm white).

Why do I need this?

There are a few key reasons why these rechargeable light bulbs are worth the investment. One of the main reasons shoppers keep purchasing them is because they're affordable and allow you to configure the lighting in your room exactly to your liking, regardless of outlet placement. No more playing Tetris with your furniture!

They're also a handy (and necessary) solution to power outages and blackouts since they don't rely on power outlets to work. In fact, this is one of the main reasons Amazon reviewers gush about them so much, but we'll get to that soon!

Also, in an unexpected feature that other brands don't have, the Neporal rechargeable light bulbs also double as flashlights and there are two power-free ways to activate this feature. You can either screw the light bulb into the included power cap to activate the backup battery or you can just use your fingers by placing one on the bottom and threads at the same time: You'll look like a pro magician!

Better yet, each bulb recharges automatically during daily use. So, once you turn your plugged-in lamp on, it'll automatically recharge on its own. Alternatively, you can use the provided binder clip to do so without connecting to a live power current.

rechargeable light bulb pictured lighting up in a lamp, on a hook and in someone's hand.
The rechargeable light bulb also doubles as a portable flashlight! Pick up a pair on sale for $14 at Amazon. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

As evidenced by the 7,000+ glowing five-star reviews, these rechargeable light bulbs are a hit for shoppers. Several reviewers said they appreciate that it allows them to use lamps anywhere in their space, regardless of outlet placement.

"I have two lamps that are not by an outlet," one reviewer said. "I use the binder clip trick at the end of the cord and my lamps work great!" The same reviewer pointed out that these bulbs "make lamps almost cordless."

"It's all ready to go," another reviewer added. "put the light in [the] lamp, put the clip-on plug and you have light where you don't have an outlet!"

One shopper even said these were a "great lifesaver during a recent blackout" while detailing how easy they are to install. "Easy to mount anywhere and easy to recharge."

Shoppers also shared how bright the bulbs are, with some admitting that they're a bit too bright for their liking. For a softer glow, some shoppers opted for the warm white option "as opposed to the [super] bright white."

It also doubles as a flashlight or handheld emergency light source. Just place your fingers on the bottom and threads at the same time to turn it on, or screw it into the provided power cap hook.

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$25 at Amazon

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