There's a New Coke Flavor Coming Soon

It’s got sugar and spice and (we assume) everything nice.



With any food brand, the original flavor or product is always going to be the most popular. When you order Girl Scout cookies, you may be tempted to order a box of whatever new cookie has debuted, but you know the new cookies won’t replace Thin Mints on your order sheet. And if you’re getting a soda, you know Coke is always a classic choice.

But while we love what is old, something new is always exciting—especially when it’s coming from one of those brands that we already know and trust. In this case, Coca-Cola is reportedly debuting a new flavor this winter.

Coca-Cola Is Releasing a New Raspberry Spiced-Flavored Coke

In the winter months of 2024, Coca-Cola is set to release a new flavor of Coke: Raspberry Spiced. The news was reportedly released at the National Association of Convenience Stores convention earlier in October. If you’re a Coke Zero fan, you’re in luck. The new Coca-Cola flavor will also be released in Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Raspberry Spiced.

This isn’t the first Coke innovation to grace grocery store shelves and convenience store refrigerators. In September, the soda brand released Coca-Cola Creations Y3000, a futuristic soda generated with the help of AI. Coca-Cola Creations is also responsible for Coca-Cola Ultimate and Coca-Cola Starlight. While there’s not much information available yet as to the exact flavor profile of the Raspberry Spiced beverages, the name is certainly more descriptive than the space-inspired Starlight.

Fans on social media have mixed feelings, with some chiming in that they find the timing of the release post-holidays strange given the flavor profile. But, others are still excited to give it a try. “Nothing beats the classic, but new is always exciting," said one commenter on snackolator’s post, an Instagram account devoted to new food products.

Coke isn’t the only beverage company testing the (carbonated) waters with new flavors. Pepsi has released popular limited-edition flavors such as Pepsi Pineapple, a Pepsi x Peeps collab, and even an Apple Pie Pepsi in the past. The brand even had a Holiday Spice flavor years ago. Perhaps the new spiced Coke will be the push Pepsi needs to bring back one of its own spiced creations from the vault.

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