The richest female Aussie stars revealed: From Jackie O to Nicole Kidman and Kayla Itsines

Find out who's raking in the big bucks.

Jackie O Henderson made headlines over the weekend after revealing she often feels “embarrassed” by her huge salary, admitting she's careful never to “flaunt” her success – compared to men, who are applauded when they “absolutely own” their wealth.

The radio host is Australia's highest-paid female broadcaster, earning a reported $39,000 a day from The Kyle & Jackie O Show, and isn't the only female star to feel uneasy discussing their monetary success.

In 2019, Cate Blanchett told Interview Magazine: “They’re not conversations that women are traditionally meant to have because we’re expected to be more demure, but there are certainly robust ‘masculine’ compensations that are had by our male counterparts, so why shouldn’t we be a part of that dialogue?”

Here, Yahoo Lifestyle lists the richest female Australian stars:

1. Nicole Kidman: $250 million

Nicole Kidman in a white suit
Nicole Kidman is worth a reported $250 million. Photo: Instagram/Nicole Kidman

After amassing a reported quarter-of-a-billion dollar fortune thanks to her Oscar-winning acting career, Nicole Kidman previously told Glamour UK she's hesitant to discuss money as she has always been aware of privilege". She said: "Both my parents came from nothing”.

2. Miranda Kerr: $173 million

Miranda Kerr in a red summer dress
Miranda Kerr is raking in the big bucks thanks to her acting career and skincare brand. Photo: Instagram/Miranda Kerr

In 2022, the Financial Review listed Miranda's net worth at $173 million thanks to her acting career and skincare brand – but she admitted in an interview with LVR magazine that money isn't her motivation in life.

It’s not about making money or growing a company to flip it. My aim is for the brand to outlive me. For Kora Organics to be able to help people with their skin, to feel happier and more balanced and share things that worked for me. That’s what I am passionate about."

3. Kayla Itsines: $165 million

Kayla Itsines in a black crop top and red shorts
Kayla Itsines is worth a reported $165 million. Photo: Instagram/Kayla Itsines

After building a following through her personal training posts on Instagram, Kayla Itsines struck gold when she launched her own app, Sweat, which went on to be downloaded a reported 30 million times by women all around the world.

Despite it making her one of Australia's most successful female stars in the process, Kayla told the Australian Financial Review of her wealth: “I love being able to do little things and not have to think about it. Like my grandparents have this coffee table that they have cable-tied the legs onto because it’s falling apart. They would never buy a new one. I bought them a new one from Amart for $220. It’s little things like that.”

4. Kylie Minogue: $120 million

Kylie Minogue in a black leather dress
Kylie Minogue has spent 40 years in the spotlight accumulating her wealth. Photo: Instagram/Kylie Minogue

According to Celeb Net Worth, the Aussie pop star has amassed an impressive $120 million fortune thanks to her 40-year career in the spotlight – and this could soon substantially increase, with her recently announced Las Vegas residency said to be worth tens of millions.

5. Cate Blanchett: $100 million

Cate Blanchett in a black cutout dress on the red carpet
Cate Blanchett is reportedly worth $100 million. Photo: Getty Images

For a long time, Cate shied away from talking about money – but not anymore, admitting in a chat with Interview Magazine: “We can all pretend that we live in a community, but we actually live in a capitalist environment and our worth is being measured in dollars. It’s a really boring conversation to have because when you talk about the creative industry, it’s always seen as, ‘Well, you’re famous. You’ve got the opportunity to do this, and now you’re being greedy to talk about money.’ But you’re not. You’re talking about really practical things such as residuals, producing credits, insurance. In the end, you’re actually talking about status. And status opens doors.”

6. Jennifer Hawkins: $95 million

Jennifer Hawkins in a pink jacket and white trousers
Former model and entrepreneur Jennifer Hawkins is said to be worth $95 million. Photo: Instagram/Jennifer Hawkins

The former Miss Universe winner and model is reportedly worth almost $100 million the Australian Financial Review reports, thanks to her successful career in front of the camera and clever investments, notably in the property market.

7. Natasha Oakey: $85 million

Natasha Oakley in a low cut white top and white baseball cap
Natasha Oakley has made most of her money through her swimwear brand, Monday Swimwear. Photo: Instagram/Natasha Oakley

The Sydney-based blogger turned her beach pictures into a business empire after launching label Monday Swimwear in 2014, which turned over $40 million in 2021-2022 alone.

8. Jackie O Henderson: $52 million

Jackie O in a white top and skirt on holiday
Jackie O has amassed over $50 million. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O

According to website Popular Bio, Jackie O, whose record-breaking broadcast career has spanned over two decades now, has amassed over $50 million. Earlier in her career, the star and her co-host Kyle Sandilands negotiated contracts together to ensure they were always paid equally.

9. Ash Barty: $50 million

Ash Barty holding up a tennis trophy
Retired tennis star Ash Barty is said to be worth $50 million. Photo: Getty Images

As arguably Australia's most successful female sports star, retired tennis pro Ash Barty never has to work a day in her life again – but will, as money isn't something she spends much time thinking about. “It’s important to kinda find what stimulates you most, what drives and encourages you and motivates you, not only as a professional but as a person,” she told the Australian Financial Review in 2021.

10. Tones and I: $35 million

Tones and I in a green coat and black cap on the red carpet
Aussie singer Tones and I is said to be worth $35 million. Photo: Getty Images

After her track Dance Monkey became the biggest song in the world throughout the pandemic, earning her a reported $20 million alone from streams and sales, the Aussie singer has reportedly continued raking in the money ever since.

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