The Project host red-faced after major language gaffe on air

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The Project host, Peter van Onselen, was left red-faced last night after he seemingly forgot he was hosting a live TV program and dropped an explanative on-air.

Discussing a recent study that suggested school children might benefit from limited screen time on school nights, the incredulous host had quite a strong reaction to Lisa Wilkinson’s report on the findings.

Peter van Onselen  blushing The Project 'bullshit' slip up
Host Peter van Onselen was left mortified after a major slip up on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

“School-night screen time may not be all bad after all,” Lisa reported. “A new study from the University of NSW has found 1-2 hours a night can improve a student’s NAPLAN performance in numeracy and reading. But that advantage is lost when screen time goes over 4 fours.”

Directing a message to his kids at home, Peter didn’t mince, or censor his words.

“If my kids are watching, that is bullsh*t,” the journalist said.

Lisa Wilkinson the Project 'bullshit' slip up gloss over
Lisa Wilkinson tried to gloss over the hiccup, but wasn't successful. Photo: Channel 10

A visibly shocked Lisa tried to smooth over the hiccup, ignoring the S-bomb saying, “I second that!”

But co-host Claire Hooper wasn’t letting him off that easy.

“Well, certainly don’t let them watch The Project — the language is disgusting!” she dryly pointed out.

Seeming to have finally realised his mistake, Peter was left in hysterics, hiding his face in his hands, while co-host Jan Fran openly chuckled.

Claire Hooper The Project
Claire Hooper didn't let the journalist off the hook. Photo: Channel 10

“I’ll move on,” Lisa decided, also struggling to contain her laughter.

Though such slip-ups can often prompt outrage and complaints from viewers, online at least it seemed people saw the funny side.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

It’s far from the first time a language slip up has derailed the show, with the hosts regularly pushing the boundaries in their often hilarious reporting of current affairs.

Lisa’s racy question leave music legend blushing

Recently, Lisa Wilkinson left Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb awkwardly giggling during an interview on The Sunday Project after she brought up the bands famously skin-tight pants they wore in their heyday.

“I have to tell you, Barry, I was a teenager in the '70s when [the Staying Alive music video] came out,” Lisa started.

“Oh those white pants. I want to say, belatedly, thank you.”

Barry Gibb could be seen awkwardly laughing before Lisa asked him: “Did you have to be convinced to wear those?”

The How Deep Is Your Love singer replied: “I remember how difficult they were to get on and how difficult to get off.”

Lisa continued, asking: “Did that give the falsettos extra oomph? Took you up half an octave surely?”

Barry jokingly replied: “Are you suggesting that the tight pants were responsible for the falsetto? I take issue with that. I thought your voice got deeper.”

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