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The new robot that cleans your windows: 'Makes cleaning a breeze'

EcoVacs new window cleaning robot is the next revolution in home cleaning

Robot vacuums have become more commonplace over the past couple of years and now, Ecovacs has released a new model which takes your hands-off cleaning to the next level. The new Winbot W1 Pro is a window cleaning robot, which means you can have streak-free glass without lifting a finger.

The robot, $799, isn't just for hard-to-reach glass or large windows; it also works on pool fences and even shower screens, to save you time and effort when it comes to keeping your glass clean. It comes with cross spraying technology that allows stains to be dissolved and then wiped off easily, no matter the size of the window.

The new WINBOT W1 PRO from Ecovacs
The new Winbot W1 Pro from Ecovacs gives you streak-free windows without having to lift a finger. Photo: Ecovacs

There's also a wide range spray angle which reduces the frequency of cloth changes needed and allows all cleaning areas to be kept wet to reduce smears or streaks.


The W1 cleans automatically in a back-and forth motion, and has three modes depending on what you're trying to achieve; there's a fast clean, deep clean and spot clean. It also has high-precision sensors, which means it can detect edges such as frameless windows, and adjust its route in 0.02 seconds, so it's suitable for all types of glass cleaning.

The WINBOT W1 PRO cleans shower screens and pool fences as well as windows. Photo: Ecovacs
The WINBOT W1 PRO cleans shower screens and pool fences as well as windows. Photo: Ecovacs

Fitted with a microfiber cleaning pad, it has great water absorption and even cleans without leaving water marks behind.

The robot works using suction technology and contains gravity settings that mean it moves securely across glass, and its material driving treads mean it has increased grip, stability, and is no slip while wet cleaning. Even if it does detach from the glass, it comes with a safety carabiner and tether made of highly elastic and durable rubber, so it won't damage anything when it falls.

The W1 Pro also comes with smart controls so you can control it from your phone wherever you are, and come back to squeaky clean windows. Fans love the ease of the new machine too.

"We have large ceiling to floor windows and they are back breaking to clean," explains one happy customer. "But this makes cleaning a breeze."

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