The New Alpha Trend

Dubbed “The Alpha Goddess” in a story published by industry journal Adweek in the US, it reported that women aged 55 to 64 are not only in the prime of their life, they’re reinventing the concept of ageing and proving things have never been better than they are right now.

Forget the mid-life crisis. These women are having what journalist Lisa Depaulo calls a “mid-life opportunity” and, in the process, are creating a seismic shift that demographers predict will change the face of what it means to be 50+ forever.

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As she writes in this month’s incredible feature Fifty Shades of 50: “There’s something happening to my generation of women that’s encouraging, to say the least. We make more, we spend more, and we have more influence and power than we’ve ever had before... Almost every woman I know over 50 seems to be doing things that none of us were expecting to be doing at our age. We’re making choices, in both little and big ways, just for ourselves.”

From starting their own businesses to travelling the world (solo), this group of amazing, empowered and intelligent women are kicking goals in every area of life and becoming increasingly visible in a media landscape that once viewed hitting the mid-century mark as less than desirable. Another example? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, women aged 50+ currently represent just over one-third of our female population, a figure that’s only set to grow over the next two decades.

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Five signs to tell if you’re an Alpha…

1. You take yourself out for dinner while on a business trip, instead of meekly ordering room service. You calmly ask for the table by the window and get it.
2. You buy a car on your own but talk the salesman down $5000 and insist he extends the warranty for free. And request he fix the scratch on the bumper before you pick it up.
3. You let go of that whiny friend who’s been an emotional drain for the last 20 years. Really, life’s too short.
4. You don’t hesitate when asked that pressing question, “Do you want a glass, or the bottle?” It’s just sav blanc, not Moet, and you don’t have to finish it.
5. You open your own holiday fund. You put aside an hour a day for just you and a book. You put yourself on top your to-do list – for a change.

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