The beautiful platters taking over Instagram

Carly Williams

Are these the most beautiful platters on the Internet?

We’ve come to a definitive answer and: yes, yes they are.

Libby from The Platter Project quit her office job last year to make these masterpieces full time. Photo: Be

Meet Libby Gardner.

A 26-year-old Sydney gal who's slaying the catering game after quitting her office job to make gorgeous platters with lashings of deli meats, imported French cheese and sweet treats.

It all started in 2016 when Libby made a platter for a cheeky afternoon of wines with the girls.

The Platter Project's famous sanga board. Photo: Be

The cheese board looked so extra, her squad couldn’t resist posting it all over their social, making other mates very jealous and giving Libby the confidence to start making platters professionally.

The antipasto platter includes deli meats Prosciutto, bresaola, truffle salami, and soppressata (mild and hot) Photo: Be

“The platter was a little bit elaborate, and people starting engaging and liking the pics on Instagram,” Libby explained to Be.

“It got a great response and I realised people aren’t liking the pics because they’re my friends, they’re liking it because they think I did a good job.

“That’s when I thought ‘hmm, maybe I could sell these.’”

Libby's platter ingredients are sourced from local vendors and markets. Photo: The Platter Project
Tip from Libby: Only use fruit that is in season for best results!

A small antipasto platter goes for $225 and is delicately put together by Libby with quality produce she sources from private vendors and markets.

We’re talking imported delights like Fromager d'Affinois, Saint Agur blue, chèvre/goat, manchego and pecorino paired with prosciutto, bresaola, truffle salami, and soppressata. Yum!

For when you want to take cheese and crackers with the girls to the next level. Photo: Be

So what are Libby’s tips for us mere mortals who want to impress our mates at out next catch up? Here we go:

Think outside the box:
Use a pretty vessel to host food items on your platter. For instance, a coconut shell could hold mixed berries or an empty watermelon wedge could be used to host chopped fruit.

Notice how Libby is using a carved-out coconut shell to host mixed berries? Photo: Be

Simple hacks:
Drain the excess oil from your semi-dried tomatoes to avoid a sprawling oil spill when you lay them out on the board.

Use props like pineapple tops, chocolate cymbidium orchids or native flowers to bring your platter aesthetic to the next level.

It's all about the pops of colour. Photo: Be

Since December last year, Libby’s business has gone from strength-to-strength and she’ll soon be moving into an industrial kitchen.

“Now I take one to two orders a day which is usually two or three platters per order, so 14 platters a week min.

At age 26 Libby is dominating the catering game on Insta. Photo: Libby Gardner

“The goal is 30 platters minimum per week when I move into my new space.”

The sweet-treat platter is one of our faves! Photo: The Platter Project

If you want Libby to pimp your platter, hit her up on Instagram.

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