The Morning After: BMW's high-efficiency concept EV

And lots of other new cars at the International Motor Show.


We hope you had a fun Labor Day break, for those that had the day off. Elsewhere, the three-day weekend included the IAA Mobility 2023 International Motor Show in Munich, Germany, and a barrage of new cars.

BMW revealed the Vision Neue Klasse — its latest concept design. The company claims it will have a 30 percent greater range and charging speed and be 25 percent more efficient than previous EVs. One of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse's more interesting features is its vibrant yellow lounge-style seats – removing chrome and leather should, theoretically, make the production more environmentally friendly.

TMA (Mercedes Benz)

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz teased a smaller, cheaper G-Wagon EV, pictured above. CEO Ola Källenius said the “baby” G-Class EV will be significantly more compact than its cousin. As for the promise of a cheaper G-Class vehicle, a new Mercedes G-Class SUV starts at $140,000, so getting it to a lower price shouldn’t be too difficult.

– Mat Smith

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Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PC

And you’ll get DLC too.

TMA (Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XVI won't remain a PlayStation 5 exclusive much longer. Square Enix has confirmed a PC port is officially in development. That's not too much of a shock, considering the game's first trailer in 2020 mentioned a PC version, but hey, a confirmation’s nice.

Producer Naoki Yoshida said the development team has started work on two installments of “paid DLC.” Hopefully, it’ll have more narrative content and not just trickier bosses and challenges.

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Spotify may lock white noise podcasters out of its ad program

The aim may be to boost the company's bottom line.

According to Bloomberg, white noise podcasters won’t be eligible for Spotify’s Ambassador Ads program as of October 1. Under the program, Spotify pays podcasters to read ads for the company’s own products. Its goal is to get more people to make shows for the platform.

Bloomberg previously reported some white noise podcasters were making as much as $18,000 per month, in large part due to Spotify paying them for ad placements. Ambassador ads haven’t been very effective on white poise podcasts, according to the report, since their listeners aren’t typically as engaged as they might be with a conversational or narrative podcast.

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The Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 improves an already great gaming mouse

USB-C charging and fully mechanical switches.

TMA (Engadget)

Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight is one of the most popular gaming mice out there, and the company just made it better. The G Pro X Superlight 2’s battery life is now 95 hours per charge, up from 70 hours on its predecessor. A new Hero 2 sensor offers steadier tracking when quickly lifting or tilting the mouse. It also raises the maximum dots per inch (DPI) to 32,000 and tracking speed to 500 inches per second (IPS). Logitech has also transitioned to fully mechanical switches on the buttons, and it’s now USB-C chargeable. Finally. It’s available from today for $159.

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