The Lazy Guide to Lasting Love

The Lazy Guide to Lasting Love

Get gooey-eyed
Remember the sensation you got from gazing into your new lover's eyes? You can re-create that first-flush feeling just by looking directly at your partner again; it will produce the same chemical responsible for that in-love rush. Plus, eye contact is integral to healthy communication. "It's an important way to connect with your partner," explains relationships psychologist John Aiken.

Spend 10 minutes conversing
But not about the washing, the bills or the rubbish that needs to go out. "Making time to talk to your partner is vital for connecting with them and understanding what's going on in their world," says Aiken. "Schedule time where you give each other an uninterrupted 10 minutes to discuss not only the issues of the day, but also each other's views, wants, needs and goals."

Show you care
Actions really do speak louder than words when it comes to relationships: up to 75 per cent of our communication is nonverbal. "Building your physical bond will make them feel loved and wanted," states Aiken. So go ahead - touch their hand, stroke their hair or give them a hug (one study has shown that four cuddles a day is essential for a happy relationship).

Get out and about
It might seem counterproductive, but one of the best ways to strengthen a relationship is to have a life minus your permanent "plus one". Spending time apart each week to see friends or pursue a different hobby "can create respect, desire, equality and interest in each other", observes Aiken.


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