Block contestants 'secret weapon' could ruin other couples' chances of winning

Kristine Tarbert
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Mitch and Mark's secret weapon has been revealed. Photo: Channel Nine

Judges were shocked and contestants left reeling after Sunday night’s controversial room reveals on The Block.

Seasoned renovators Mitch and Mark finally revealed their ‘secret weapon’ to judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze, and Darren Palmer, after they opted to create an entertainment space instead of the expected master bedroom.

The drastic change from what all the other couples created, left Neale initially wondering whether Mitch and Mark were “designing this house for themselves”.

He also wondered how they should be judging the space, given the couple hadn’t produced a master bedroom like the others, but in the end it was the impact the decision would have on the other homes that caused the most controversy.

Mitch and Mark created an entertainment space. Photo: Channel Nine
The won Master Bedroom week without a bed. Photo: Channel Nine

While the judges’ feedback on the design of the space was extremely positive, the “bombshell” came when Neale asked “how is this room going to affect the other houses? Now we’ve got an entertaining space, right up against master bedrooms”.

The look of shock and realisation on Darren Palmer’s face pretty much said it all.

The judges were left a little confused by the decision. Photo: Channel Nine

Shaynna also pointed out how on the terrace “they could have 10-20 people having drinks” while people are trying to get to sleep.

The judges wondered if Mitch and Mark were actually being “selfish” and “strategic” in their decision to change the architect’s plans, with Neale adding there are “deep ramifications”.

Neale asks the obvious question. Photo: Channel Nine

“To be really blunt,” Scotty continued reading the feedback to all the contestants, “do Tess and Luke even have a chance to win The Block now? Or Andy and Deb?”

Tess and Luke seemed to take it quite well, telling producers to camera “it’s just what happens when you get a house and you have neighbours, you can’t have that”.

Although Luke seemed visibly peeved throughout judging, and in the car ride back to the building site said “there is nothing we can f**ing do about it”.

Tess and Luke took it all in their stride. Photo: Channel Nine

The boys argued they hadn’t ruined things for the other couples, claiming they were now after a distinctive different buyer than the others.

Real estate agent Jesse, who has been at the centre of his own fair share of controversy on The Block, said if he was Mitch and Mark’s agent and they had asked him about the change, he would have said not to do it “because you’ve reduced your market”.

Despite their initial hesitations, the judges still awarded Mitch and Mark with the win, seeing them snap up the $10k prize for Master Bedroom week, without a master bedroom.

Leaving Matt and Elise in second place.

“Technically we did win Master Bedroom week, because we presented the master bedroom. Correct?” Elise said at the end of the episode.

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