The beauty secrets you should never let your partner see

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In an age where reality television reigns and modern couples pride themselves on having absolutely no secrets it is unsurprising that female grooming has less of an air of mystery than it used to.

Though it doesn’t mean many women aren’t still trying to keep things behind closed doors.

A new survey has revealed the top beauty secret that women are adamant about hiding…the moustache.

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Within the poll, 27 per cent of women admitted that waxing or bleaching their moustache would be the worst beauty secret their partner could discover.

The poll was conducted by home colour hair brand nice’n easy.

Above struggling into Spanx, shaving your legs, colouring your hair or tweezing your brows, most women would hate to be caught with a smear of bleach on their upper lip.

Runners up in the poll included underarm hair, stubbly legs and grey roots.

While women are busy keeping things secret and spending an average of 18 minutes a day on their beauty regime, men are happy to remain oblivious.

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Over 90 per cent of men think that beauty comes naturally to women, and along with that 87 per cent are happy if their partner keeps some beauty rituals hidden.

Those secrets may also be the key to a good relationship.

Psychologist and psychotherapist Rachel Shattock Dawson explained that, “In an age when very little remains taboo, many women still prefer to keep some things private, believing that there’s a place for a little mystery and mystique, even within their closest relationships.”

It’s a fine line deciding what to share and what to hide but it seems to have changed vastly from years past.

An excerpt from a 1950s high-school textbook outlined the beauty regimes women used to follow:

“Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so that you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.”

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty

While going that far seems a bit extreme nowadays there are also risks with sharing too much. A blogger on the Daily Mail told a cautionary tale of her friend who complained about her cellulite to her partner only for him to finally see it with his own eyes and proceed to give her books, general advice and read her articles out loud about getting rid of the dimples.

Aside from getting caught applying wax to the pesky hairs on your top lip, it seems possible that what women are really afraid of is the realization by their partner that there actually are hairs there.

Whether or not they’re hiding from someone or trying to hide something, women do seem to enjoy the hard work that goes into beautifying. Three quarters of women believe they are much more confident when they have completed their beauty regime and 61 per cent say they feel like a new person.

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